Fruit That Starts With The Letter R People Around The World Eat

fruits that start with the letter 'R'

Fruit That Starts With The Letter R.

What are some of the fruits around the world that start with the letter R?

When it comes down to fruits as a whole, they play an important role in our lives and provide healthy nutrition and vitamins our body needs.

So, what are some of the most common fruits that start with the letter R?

There are tons of fruits that start with the letter ‘R’ just to name a few e.g. Rose Hips, Rambutan fruit, Raspberry, Rose apple, etc. 

We have fruits that start with every letter in the alphabet (A-Z). However, for people who are curious about R letter fruits, we are going to list 8 fruit that starts with the letter ‘R’

Fruit That Starts With The Letter R People Love

So, for R letter fruits, here is a list below of tropical fruits most people love to eat on a daily basis.

Raspberry Fruit

A fruit that starts with the letter R is called the Raspberry fruit,  there are more than 15 Raspberry fruit species around the world.

A lot of western people would recognize this fruit because it is a native fruit to Russia, Poland, the United States, Serbia, and Mexico.

Raspberry (R letter Fruit)
Raspberry (R letter Fruit)

Most Raspberries are eaten as fresh fruit but are commonly used to make juice. However, no matter how you use it, Raspberry is a bit tart when not fully ripened but is usually very sweet.

Rambutan Fruit 

The Rambutan fruit tree is a native fruit tree to Southeast Asia countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Srilanka.

Fruit That Starts With The Letter R
Fruit That Starts With The Letter R

There are eight (8) different Rambutan fruit trees cultivated in other tropical regions. The Rambutan fruits have hairy features covering the outer skin.  Rambutan fruit trees can be found in places like Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Overall the Rambutan fruit is great to eat during the morning and has a sweet creamy taste, with eatable flesh. This fruit is loved by many people around the world and is sometimes eaten for breakfast.

Rangpur Fruit

Rangpur fruit is another fruit that starts with the letter ‘Rs. This fruit is a hybrid fruit that is a cross between Mandarin orange and Lemon from the genus Citrus.

Rangpur Fruit
Rangpur Fruit

The Rangpur fruit is native to Bangladesh because it was first discovered there. However, the fruit tree can be found in other countries such as India, China, Japan, And Brazil.

When it comes down to its taste, the fruit is very acidic and its appearance looks similar to oranges. Nevertheless, because of its highly acidic taste, the Rangpur fruit can be substituted for lemon or lime to make juice.

So, if you want to have a nice Rangpur drink, just ask for it when you visit any of these counties.

Rose Apple Fruit

The Rose Apple fruits tree is native to Southeast Asian countries and can be found in most tropical Caribbean countries like Jamaica.  The fruit has a yellow and sometimes red outer color depending on the area it’s located.

Rose Apple Fruit
Rose Apple Fruit

Rose Apple taste is initially sweet with a crunchy bite and it is most eaten locally as a snack or alongside your breakfast. So, whenever you visit the Caribbean, ask about the Rose Apple fruit.

Red Mombin Fruit

The Red Mombin fruit aka known as Hog Plum is an ‘R’ latter fruit that is native to the tropical Americas such as North Brazil and most of the West Indies like Jamaica, Bahamas, and other parts of the Caribbean. However, this fruit is also cultivated in countries such as Africa, Sri Lanka

Fruit That Starts With The Letter R
Fruit That Starts With The Letter R

The RedMombin fruit usually has glossy red skin with fleshy skin that is super sweet. Most people consume them for breakfast or just for a refreshing snack, but can also use them to make Jam.

Riberry Fruit

The Riberry fruit tree is native to North New South Wales and is also locally called small leaf Lilly Pilly or Clove Lilli Pilli.

Riberry fruit looks similar to the Jamaican apple but much smaller with a fleshy red outer skin. This fruit can be eaten raw or blended into juice. You can start off your day with some nutritious Riberry in the morning alongside your breakfast.

Rollinia Fruit

The Rollinia fruit tree is native to south and central America it is all known as Biriba to locals. Rollinia is known for its white fleshy and creamy interior meat.

The fruit usually has yellow outer skin with pointy hard outer barks. When it comes to its taste this R-letter fruit is sweet and has a mixture of Pineapple, Banana, Coconut, and so on. This makes the Rollina Fruit one o the best fruits for breakfast.

Rose Hips Fruit

The Rose Hips fruit otherwise known as Rose Haw and Rose Hip is a native fruit to Hungary and Romania. Rose Hips look similar to Cherries, small and red with long flower petals below the fruit.

Rose Hips Fruit
Rose Hips Fruit

This ‘R’ letter fruit has a slightly sweet taste with tartness and is often used for health purposes, making, juice, and beauty hacks.

So, there you have it, these are some of the top 8 fruit that starts with the letter ‘R’ people know and love to eat. There rea plenty more ‘R’ letter fruits out there however, these are the ones I know about currently.

Probably you have seen some of these fruits at your local market and did not recognize them, however, now is a good time to try one of these tasty fruits when you have the chance and to see if you will like them.

I hope this post has helped you in somewhat way to know a little more about the ‘R’ letter fruits. Cheers!

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