Fruits That Start With A List

Fruits that Start with A

Fruits that Start with A.

As you take a look at the food market, you might realize that this world is worth exploring. There are a lot of exotic fruits out there that you haven’t probably heard of before.

The fruits that start with A are scattered across the globe. They are fond of many people not only because of the mouth-watering appeals but also because of the nutritional endeavors that

they have. Whether you are looking for new ingredients for your next menu or want to quench your curiosity, be our guest.

List Of Fruits That Start With A


Fruits that Start with A

Akebia is one of the most unique fruits since it tastes like the acculturation of banana and lychee. In between these unique fruit tastes, some people often claim that it has a slightly passionate fruit taste in its flesh. You can eat it both raw and cooked.

Alpine Strawberry

It is a tiny strawberry that you can easily find on the market, although it is native to Europe and Asian countries. It is not the most delicious strawberry species. However, some gardeners grow this fruit tree as a vibrant ornament for their garden. But it does not mean you can’t eat it. It is more often found in preserved products.

Acerola Cherries

Acerola cherries are native to Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. But it has been more common in some tropical countries since the fruit can thrive well at these locations. It is renowned due to its high vitamin C content.

At first glance, you might think that it is a cherry. Well, it is not actually a cherry. The fruit is way more delicate than the original cherry. You might not find this often in traditional markets. But it is actually a common ingredient in commercial supplement products.

African Star Apple

Some people mistake it for orange, apple, or onion. (What?)

But it is completely different from them.

Fruits that Start with A
Fruits that Start with A

This fruit grants its “star” due to the star-shaped appearance of the fruit when you cross-cut it. You can eat it raw. The flesh is not too watery but sweet and refreshing. It contains calcium, vitamin C, and A. The main distributions are in Nigeria, Ghana, and other African countries.

Abiu Fruit

Abiu is a South American native. Its distributions are mainly from Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. But many folks have adopted it in Hawaii because this fruit can grow well in tropical areas. When it ripens, the color will become golden yellow.

Abiu can be enjoyed as it is. Cut the fruit and use your spoon to take out the delicious flesh of the fruit. We suggest taking the ripped ones since they have tasty caramel.

Acai Palm Fruit

Acai palm is the core of the palm. It is an original species from Central and South America. The acai palm is also categorized as a superfood due to its fantastic nutritional composition. In the weight loss industry, it is popular as the main ingredient for dietary supplements.

Many health experts have promoted it as a natural weight-loss solution. Although still in debate, there are some journals that come with research results that show the latter.

Which fruit(s) you haven’t heard before from the list above? Let us know in the comment section.

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