Top 10 Fruit Trees That Take The Longest To Grow

Fruit Trees That Take The Longest To Grow

We are going to look at 10 fruit trees that take the longest to grow before they can be eaten or harvested.

Some fruits can take many years to rip or to fit before they mature enough to eat.

The same goes for the fruit tree itself, it can also take many years before some fruit trees even start to show signs of blossom.

If you are someone who can’t afford to wait many years to grow these fruit trees and wait again until the fruit is ripening or fit. Then, you should avoid planting these fruit trees.

People who are most likely to plant these fruit trees have lots of land pace, framing land or they have permanent residency.

So, if you are planning on growing any of these 5 fruit trees that take the longest to grow in your yard, garden, or business place, you should take into consideration the time it will take to grow and produce fruits.

Here Are Some of The Fruit Trees That Take The Longest To Grow?

See the list below.

Pineapple Fruit Tree (2 – 3 Years) 

what fruit takes the longest to grow
what fruit takes the longest to grow

It can take a pineapple plant (2-3 Years) to fully grow and mature enough to start its production of young pineapples.

However, depending on the condition for example the solid nutrients and climate. Some pineapple plants can take one (1 year and a half) to mature and produce pineapples.

You might see a lot of pineapples at your local grocery store and assume that they are easy-to-grow fruits.

However,  that is not the case. it takes two (2 full years) just to get to its flowering stage while waiting for another six  (6 months) for the pineapple fruit to actually mature and be edible.

Pineapple plant pollination is carried out mostly by bees and hummingbirds in the wild. These two pollinators are huge fans of fruit and flowers.

Nevertheless, when the fruit on the plant gets pollinated, the fruit rapidly diminishes its quality and texture.

Pineapple plants only grow one pineapple every 6 months before it grows more pineapples again.

However, different varieties grow one pineapple and then die, but most tropical pineapple plants regrow every 6  months until the plant dies.

This makes pineapple one of the 5 fruits that takes the longest to grow.

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Coco De Mer Tree ( 20 – 40 Years)

The Coco De Mer plant is native to a small island called Seychelles at the Eastern edge of the Somali Sea and can only be found on two islands in Seychelles, known as Praslin and Curieuse.

Coco De Mer
Coco De Mer

Coco De Mer unlike strawberries or Ackee and passion fruit, which start flowering within a year after being planted, the Coco de Mer palm needs to grow (20–40 years) to start its flowering process.

The time it takes the Coco De Mer plant fruit to mature is six (6-10 years) making it one of the long fruits in the world to ripen and fully mature.

So, if you have a lot of patience and love Coco De Mer, It can take up to a decade for this fruit to become ripe and eatable.

Also, the Coco de Mer fruit is known to be very costly, at exactly $300 dollars. Facts about Coco de Mer it’s the largest and heaviest fruit in the world.

Coco de Mer is by far one of the 5 fruits that takes the longest to grow on our list.

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Pawpaw Tree (7 – 9 Years)

Pawpaw Tree

The Pawpaw Fruit is native to Mexico and Central America and takes 7 – 9 years to grow and flower.

Pawpaw plants are available for growing only in specific parts of the United States and Canada.

However, Pawpaws are only considered endangered or at risk in two parts of the USA.

These states are New Jersey and New York. Why? Because the weather condition is not favorable there.

However, In Ontario Canada,  the plant is deemed vulnerable and is currently being monitored. Pawpaw fruit trees are tropical fruit trees.

This plant originated way back hundreds of years ago but was mainly distributed by humans during the mid-16th century.

Persimmon Trees (3 – 4 years)

The Persimmon Tree is native to China but its also widely cultivated in other temperate regions of the world.

After a whopping 3 – 4 years before the tree get to flower, it only takes (7 days) for the Persimmon Tree fruit to rip. However, once this fruit ripens, it must be eaten immediately.

Persimmon Trees
Persimmon Trees

Although the fruit itself does not take very long to ripen, the tree will take several years to grow before you see any sign of flowering.

Apricot Trees (2 – 5 years)

Apricot Trees

The Apricot Tree is native to Asia and some parts of Europe and it takes (2-5 years) for this tree to fully mature and produce fruits.

It will take at least 4 years before the Apricot tree blooms young fruits and four (4 months) before the fruit is ripened and ready to eat.

This tree is a summer fruit tree that is usually available in June or July, but it can vary depending on your location.

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Apple Trees (2 – 5 years)

what tree takes the longest to grow

Apple trees are cultivated across the world but are native to Asia and will take two (2-5 years) before it starts to bloom.

There are different types of apple trees and fruits in many countries around the world.

They are loved by many people and can take five (5 weeks) to fully ripen for harvest.

Apple trees are normally planted on large farmland where there are archers of them so, you should take into consideration how long you will have to wait to eat apples.

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Sour Cherry Trees (3 – 5 years) 

Sour Cherry trees are native to Europe and Southern Asia and will normally take five (3-5 years) to flower before it starts to produce fruits.

Sour Cherry Trees
Sour Cherry Trees

When it comes to Sour Cherry harvesting time, it takes the fruit three (3 months) to ripen before it can be eatable.

However, the harvesting time for different varieties of Sour Cherry can differ based on 1) the type of fruit 2) the variety of the fruit tree.

Sour Cherries will not ripen if you pick or harvest them before they are mature enough, so be patient.

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Sweet Cherry Trees (4 – 7 years) 

Sweet Cherry just Sour cherries are native to Asia and Europe, although they are worldwide cultivated, they can take (4-7 years) before they start to flower and produce baby sweet cherries.

Sweet Cherry Trees
Sweet Cherry Trees

As for harvesting, once the Sweet cherry reaches maturity and starts to flower, the time it takes to ripen is (3 – 4 months). Sweet cherries are often tested on the tree to see if it is fit and ready to be eaten.

Sweet cherries are loved and favored by many people across the world so it is worth the wait.

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Pear Trees (4 – 6 years)

which fruit takes the longest to grow
which fruit takes the longest to grow

Pear trees are native to temperate mildly regions such as North Africa Central America and Asia and it takes (4-6 years) before the tree starts to produce pears.

From the flowering stage to the harvesting stage, it takes six (6 months) for a pear fruit to fully mature before it can be eaten.

The pear fruit can be harvested in paper towels once they are hard and mature enough and will ripen over 2 – 3 days after.

Pear fruits along with Sweet cherries are beloved by many people across the world enough they are some of the fruit trees that take the longest to grow. it’s with the wait.

Plum Trees (3 – 6 years)

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Plums are native to North America and in places like New Mexico, Idaho, and Florida. They are also cultivated across the world in places such as Mexico. Plum trees take years to produce, approximately (3-6 years).

Plum Trees is one of the 10 fruit trees that take the longest to grow
Plum Trees is one of the 10 fruit trees that take the longest to grow

After a pump tree is fully matured over 6 years, from the flowering stage to the ripening stage, it can take five months (5 Months) before they are eatable and for harvesting.

So, if you love fruits and Fruit trees as a whole, it may take years before you can reap the yields of your labor.

Nevertheless, once you start to reap and harvest the fruits it will be with the wait.

Once again, if you are someone who doesn’t have the patience to wait on some of these fruit trees to ripen do not plant them.

These are for people who have lost farmland a business land. Anyways, these are 10 fruit trees that take the longest to grow before you can harvest them.

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