Fruits That Start With C List

Fruits That Start With C

Fruits That Start With C.

A friend of yours might be asking you a random question like, “What fruits start with C?”

While it seems like an easy question, shouting the fruit names that start with C can be challenging for you. You might go with some popular words like cherries or coconut.

But have you heard about carob fruit before? No? Well, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We have gathered a list of some fantastic fruits that start with C. Without further ado, let’s just go straight into it.

List Of Fruits That Start With C


It is a cute, round fruit that is only half lemon. It is too sour when consumed as it is. In most practices, it can be a perfect balancing item for various foods and drinks. It is full of vitamin C. Although you can take it when it is ripe, its health benefits are optimal while it is still green.

Canary Melon

Fruits That Start With C
Fruits That Start With C

Canary Melon is available in the summer season. It is one of the most delicious melon species that you want to serve at your table. It has an oval appearance. It will turn yellow when it is ripe. You can eat it raw or combine it with other ingredients for salads and other dishes.


Canistel is a southern Mexican native fruit. It is also called eggfruit in some countries. The mouth-watering orange flesh is succulent and fresh. When you eat this, you might remember the texture, which is pretty similar to hard-boiled eggs.


Carob fruit
Carob fruit

The carob fruit form is similar to dark brown peas. The carob pods with leaves are green when they are still young. When ripe, the appearance will turn to dark brown. Open the pods and get the pea from them. It is rare to see it taken as raw. Folks usually use it as a mix of cocoa powder to make their favorite chocolate menu. You can find carob powder in some department stores now.


The other name of this fruit is muskmelon. It is a juicy fruit that comes with abundant health benefits. Its nutrition consists of vitamin C and high fiber. This can be your new snack menu that will also support your diet regime.


Fruits That Start With C
Fruits That Start With C

Cempedak is a native fruit to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. Cempedak is oval and like a rugby ball. But don’t let the cover deceive you. To eat the flesh, you will need to open it up. Then you will find a series of nuggets that you can eat right away.

Which fun fruit would you take right now from the list above? Let us know in the comment section.

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