Fruits That Start with M List

Fruits That Start with M

Fruits That Start with M.

Are you wondering which fruits start with M? Well, you are in luck, as we have found many fruits that begin with M. Most of us are familiar with mango and melon. But you’ll discover new and exciting fruits on this list.

List of Fruits: Start with M

 Macadamia Fruit

We are familiar with nuts from the macadamia plant. However, most of us don’t know that it also produces fruits. The macadamia tree grows macadamia fruit. Although the fruit is a bit hard and not that appetizing, it offers lots of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Macoun Apple

The apple tree offers various fruit types, Macoun being one of them. It’s a hybrid of Jersey Black and McIntosh, which are other apple types. Macoun is not the best apple type for commercial growing. That’s because it isn’t available throughout, and the apple tends to fall off the tree due to its short stem. However, it is sweet and juicy, like other apples.

Madrono Fruit

It goes by the scientific name Arbutus unedo. The fruit originates from western Europe and the Mediterranean region. But you can find it in Ireland, France, Greece, and Libya, among other places. Since it can withstand industrial pollution, the tree is mostly used for public landscapes and ornamental purposes. Note that people don’t eat this fruit. Instead, they use it to make beverages, jam, and liquor.

Mandarin Fruit

These fruits belong to the orange family, only that they are much smaller and easier to peel. They include different types, like clementines and tangerines. However, the taste and size are similar, no matter the type. Most people love mandarins because they are sweeter and seedless.


Most of us know and love mangoes. These bright fruits have many antioxidants and vitamins and are rich in fiber. Some people refer to them as the “king of fruits” because they have many varieties.

Maprang Fruit

It comes from a tropical tree in Southeast Asia. There are two types of this fruit: one is sour, and the other is sweet. Both of these types are yellow, as are oranges and mangos. The fruit has several other names, like Marian plum, Somprang, and Gandaria.


Fruits That Start with M
Fruits That Start with M

While it is referred to as Spanish lime, mamoncillo isn’t a citrus fruit. Rather, it’s closely related to the lychee. The name Mamoncillo comes from its green coloring and its lime and lychee taste.

Manilla Tamarind

Manilla tamarind is mostly found in southern countries worldwide, including South America and South Asia. Individuals eat the pulp of its pods raw. But some use it in sugary beverages.

 Maracuya Fruit

Maracuya means passion fruit in Spanish. The fruit is yellow and has an almost similar taste to that of the pineapple on its flesh. However, it is not that sweet compared to passion, but the inner side looks like that of passion fruit.

Marang Fruit

Marang is a Filipino word that refers to fruit from Palawan, Mindanao, and Borneo. The fruit has a strong smell. Some people even compare it to the smell of durian.

Marula Fruit

It is mostly used for making beer. However, some people use it in cosmetic supplies.

Melon Fruit

Fruits That Start with M
Fruits That Start with M

Melons are loved for their sweet, tender taste. Most of us know of cantaloupe, watermelon, canary melon, and honeydew. However, there are more than 30 different melon types, including Crenshaw, honey globe, casaba, and Santa Claus.

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