Fruits That Start With V People Love To Eat Daily

Fruits That Start With V

Fruits That Start With V.

This is the next in our list of fruits that begin with the letter V. We’ll also tell you a fun fact about each fruit, so you can utilize it as a learning experience. Keep reading to learn about fruits you’ve never seen before.

List Of Fruits That Start With V

Vaccarese Grape

To make wine, it’s a grape-like this. This one, on the other hand, comes from France rather than Italy, as is the case with many others.

Valencia Orange

Fruits That Start With V
Fruits That Start With V

For their sweetness and juiciness, Valencia oranges are popular ingredients in orange juice. When buying orange juice, you can nearly always be certain that it was made with Valencia oranges.

Valencia Pride Mango

Valencia Pride mangoes are the fastest-growing of Florida’s mangoes, according to local legend. If you’re looking for a fast-growing plant, give this tasty fruit a try.

Van Dyke Mango

Mangoes like the Van Dyke mango are grown in surprising abundance in Florida. It’s called for Madeline Van Dyke, a woman who, according to legend, was the first to cultivate the plant in the 1930s.


Most people think of vanilla as an extract or seeds because it is such a costly spice. It does, however, produce fruits that are long and slender.

Velvet Apple

When you touch one in your hands, the velvet apple’s name makes perfect sense. It’s soft as velvet, just like the down that covers a peach. The peach-like flavor would be found if you ate one.

Velvet Tamarind

Velvet tamarind fruits, which are the size of grapes, can be found throughout Africa. When they mature, they form a stiff, inedible shell that must be cracked off before they can be eaten.

Vernaccia Grape

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of the Vernaccia grape if you like white wine. Many white wines are made from this variety of Italian grapes.

Vespolina Grape

The origin of the Vespolina grape’s name is a mystery. Another Italian crop that is widely used to make wine, however, is well-known.

Vicar Of Winkfield Pear

Pears, like grape variations, come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, and flavors. This one is ideal for use in the kitchen or in the baking process.

Victoria Plum

Fruits That Start With V
Fruits That Start With V

In England, the Victoria plum was originally grown. It has a green exterior and a yellow and red inside.

Voa Vanga

In several African countries, voa vanga is a popular fruit. The Spanish tamarind is another name for this fruit.

Volkamer Lemon

The Volkamer lemon is a cross between a lemon and an orange that has a sour taste. It’s a little tart, but it also has a pleasant scent.

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