Fruits That Start With K People Around The World Eat

Fruits That Start With K

Fruits That Start With K.

Here are some of the fruits around the world that Start With The Letter K. There’s a lot of K naming fruits outs there, however, in this short post, we are going to identify some of the most popular Fruits That Start With K people love to eat on a daily basis but are not limited to.

Top 9 Fruits That Start With K

Kabosu Fruit

Kabosu Fruit tile

Citrus Sphaerocarpa is the scientific name for Kabosu fruit. Kabosu is a well-known citrus fruit in Japan, where it is used for a variety of purposes, including flavoring fish, creating soup, and dressing salads. Kabosu juice is a vinegar substitute in Japanese cooking that goes well with sashimi, grilled fish, ponzu, and hot pot because of its high sourness and peculiar scent.

Kaffir Lime Fruit

Fruits That Start With K
Fruits That Start With K

The scientific name for kaffir lime fruit is Citrus hystix. There are several countries in South Asia where the kaffir lime tree can be seen producing its fruit. As a flavor enhancer and aromatic, kaffir lime fruit and leaves are commonly used in Southeast Asian cooking throughout the region. Many people in South Asia believe that kaffir lime juice is an effective lice-killer and use it as shampoo.

Kahikatea Fruit

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The scientific name for kahikatea fruit is Dacrycarpus dacrydioides, and it comes from the Hawaiian language. Native to New Zealand’s North and South Islands, the kahikatea fruit tree can be found in lowland forests and wetlands. Kahikatea’s fleshy aril, or koroi, was a valuable Maori food source distributed in large quantities at feasts.

Kanzi Apple

Kanzi Apple tile

Kanzi means “hidden treasure” in Swahili, and this little-known crimson and gold apple certainly qualifies as such. The first crop made it to the United States in 2014, thus it’s possible it will become more popular in the US in the near future.

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It’s a juicy, tart apple with a lot of flavors. When it comes to snacking, most people prefer to use this over baking or cooking.

Kapok Fruit

Fruits That Start With K
Fruits That Start With K

Because it produces fiber-filled capsules, the kapok tree is known as the red cotton tree. The tree’s blossoms are eaten by some people.

Karmijn de Sonnaville Apple

Karmijn de Sonnaville Apple tile

The Netherlands is where you’ll find this eponymous apple. By the way, Piet de Sonnaville, the man behind the breed, gave it that posh moniker. As a result, it’s not expected to become popular any time soon because of its difficulty in cultivation.

Kawakawa Fruit

Kawakawa Fruit tile

Maori people once valued Kawakawa trees and you can still find them in New Zealand. In the past, the leaves and berries of this plant were widely utilized to treat a wide range of diseases.

Kei Apple Fruit

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Despite their name, kei apples are nothing like the common apple varieties. This plant is native to Africa, namely along the banks of the Kei River, hence its common name. These tiny fruits have a flavor that’s reminiscent of an apple.

Keitt Mango Fruit

Keitt Mango Fruit

Keitt mangoes are good options if you want a huge mango. Mangoes grown in Florida can grow to be as large as several pounds and have a sweet flavor.

The list is endless. There are many other Fruits That Start With K.

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Fruits That Start With K