Top 13 Must-Have Garden Tools Needed For Backyard Gardening

Must-Have Garden Tools

Whether you are a beginner or let’s say an expert at gardening, you need the right tools to get the job done properly.

Gardening is a hobby for many people around the world, while for others, it is just another career.

However, no matter which way you do it, gardening is a skill, and with every unique talent, we need the right tools to help us along the way.

Gardening is something that many people like me myself enjoy doing daily.

So, if you have a passion for gardening, you will find this post quite helpful.

The tools that are listed below will help aid and prevent major and minor injuries from affecting you.

Also, they will help make gardening duties much more fun and exciting along the way.

So, if you are a beginner or you love gardening for fun in your backyard, here are 13 Must-Have Garden tools you need to get started.

13 Must-Have Garden Tools
13 Must-Have Garden Tools

1. Hose 

When it comes down to watering your plants, a garden hose will come in handy. Garden hoses come in all different sizes and lengths. So it depends on the size you wnat for your backyard garden.

Having a Garden hose as a tool is not just for watering your crops.

When applying water to an area that needs weeding, it will be much easy to pull out unwanted weeds by the root from your garden instead of cutting them out.

Most weeds that are cut out of the ground will spring and grow again at some point because they still have their main roots in the soil.

So, using a hose to water and soften weed out unwanted weeds in your garden is a useful tool. Also, it is a useful tool for water beds.

2. Gloves 

Protecting your hands from injures such as cuts and bruises can be prevented by using a pair of garden gloves.

Your hands are essential for gardening all the time, they are something you use the most to get things done when gardening.

Using your bare hands alone can cause sore later on, so using tools such as garden gloves will better help and protect your hands from injuries. Also, there is a wide range of garden gloves to choose from for comfort.

3. Pruning Shears

Also known as Secateurs and Pruners is a great gardening tool that helps with trimming and budding leaves and stems off plants.

Pruning Shears look a lot like scissors with two sharp edges. This tool is strong enough to prune hard branches of trees, plants, and shrubs.

Also, Pruning Shares come in all different sizes and shapes that can prune plants up to two centimeters thick.

 4. Hoe

When it comes to cultivating your lawn, a hoe is a Must-Have gardening tool to have. Garden hoes are used for mulching and cultivation of new crop beds.

It is also a handy tool that is used to remove unwanted weeds and dig small shallow holes.

A hoe can be used for many different things when it comes to gardening in your backyard. However, many gardeners use it mostly for creating new plant beds for crops as well as for weeding.

5. Fork

Having a fork for the purpose of gardening is very critical, this is one of the many tools you find in most if not all gardener’s arsenal of garden tools.

Forks are tools use to break up soils that are compacted, remove a large rock found in the ground, create holes to plant trees and seeds, weed out stubborn plants and trees, and soften up hard soil.

Normally, forks have four long iron fangs that can easily pierce to earth with a little force from your feet.

6. Spade

A Spade is a tool that is handy to remove large pills of shrub and leaves as well as for digging holes and dividing and mixing compost, and not to mention trenching.

Basically, a spade is a tool just like your regular shovel, however, it has a rectangular shape at the mouth which makes digging and mixing compost soil easy.

Most gardeners use a shape shovel for edging plants beds and many more things. Your garden tools will not be completed without a Spade shovel.

7. Rake

One of the main ways to keep your garden clean is by raking.

Rakes are also essential gardening tools use for leveling compost soil, removing rocks, clog, stones, and leaves from the grown before planting your seeds and crops.

Rake is mainly used to remove rubbish and debris such as unwanted leaves and weeds.

You may find that there is a wide range of different rake for different purposes at your local home depot or hardware store.

Some rakes such as the lightweight fan shape ones or ideal for cleaning compost soil while heavier-duty rakes such as bow rake are for plowing and removing stones ground.

So it is ideal to have more than one variety of rake in your collection of garden tools.

8. Shovel 

Unlike the Spade, a Shove cannot dig holes effectively as the spade however it still can get the job done. A shovel is mostly used to scoop up compost soil, mixing materials such as mulch, fertilizer, sand, and cement.

It does not matter if you are scooping away waste materials are weeding out weeds, having a high-quality shovel in your arsenal of garden tools is a great prerequisite to have.

9. Wheelbarrow 

Cleaning and maintaining your garden is a regular occurrence, that why it is ideal for every gardener to have a wheelbarrow at hand.

Wheelbarrows are used to transport compost soil in and around your garden and are also used to transport unwanted materials such as leaves, rocks, and stones.

You can always rely on wheelbarrows to ease the burden of lifting and transporting heavy materials in your garden and yard.

10. Saw

From time to time, you will need to cut trees and even shrubs from your garden. Not to mention pants that are taking up a lot of space in your garden especially woody tree-like weeds.

More the time you would jump to use your pruning knife, however, Secateurs sometimes will not cut it.

That’s where a heavy-duty bow saw will come in handy to manage overgrown plants and trees in your garden.

Knowing that there is a lot of a different variety of saws, it’s ideal for every gardener to have a hand saw at your disposal.

11. Watering Can

A watering can is a useful garden tool that helps to gently spread water on small beds, plants, and seedlings in a planting tray. Unlike a hose, a Watering Can will evenly spread water over the surface of the soil evenly.

Just like many other gardening tools, there is a wide range of variety of Watering can that come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs. This is also an essential prerequisite gardening tool to have when starting a gardening bed.

12. Lawnmower

A Lawnmower is a great gardening tool to remove unwanted grass and weed from your garden. Ideal not only for gardening only but for yard purposes as well.

Lawnmowers also come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s best to choose one that is suited for your needs in and around the yard.

13. Kneeling Pads

Kneeling Pads says it all, most of the time when you are in the garden you are on your knees.

Sometimes kneeling on the ground without a kneeling pad can cause serious knee problems later on in life.

So remember to add a Kneeling pad to the list of garden tools you must have to help make your garden beautiful and productive.

So these are just a few Gardening tools you should consider having if you are thinking about starting a backyard garden or other types of gardening and farming.

These tools are Hose, Rake, Spade, Shovel, Wheelbarrow, Kneeling Pad, Gloves, Watering Can, and Pruning Shears.

This is not limited to, but they are some of the basic Must-Have Garden tools every Gardener should have at their disposal.

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