Here are Tips On How To Make Compost Manure At Home

How To Make Compost Manure At Home

Here are some helpful tips on how to make compost manure at home.

by now, you probably know that compost manure ideal to grow healthy crops and plants in the garden.

However, a lot of people have no idea where to start making their perfect compost manure at home.

Well, it’s not difficult at all and you probably have all the required ingredients already at home in the kitchen.

Every piece of kitchen waste and organic waste use at home and in the yard can be used to generate super organic manure.

This Manure can be used in the garden, potted plants, terraces, and even balconies garden.

 How To Make Compost Manure At Home
How To Make Compost Manure At Home

Few suggestions to create or make your own organic manure making at home include:

  • use a bucket size pot or a larger container that has covers for dumping daily kitchen waste in it.
  • punch holes in the container for aerobic decomposition.
  • Always try to keep the waste dry, don’t let the waste be wet.
  • It is ideal to use waste papers including newspaper shreds for mixing with the kitchen waste. This is to reduce sogginess in the compost manure.
  • From time to time turn the mixture to homogenize the mixture’s uniform decomposition.
  • Holes can also be at the bottom of the container to drain out excess moisture draining out of the pot which can be used for manuring the plants in the garden and in pots.
  • In about 60 days of decomposition, the waste will be breakdown converted into organic manure.
  • the homemade manure can be mixed with an equal amount of topsoil, coarse, sand, and coco peat to make a nutritious potting mixture.
  • Your homemade manure can also be directly used in manuring already potted plants.
  • Try not to include any meat and fish waste to avoid maggots. However, if you did add any meat and still see maggots. The maggots will be converted back to manure.
  • One way to avoid flies is to use neem oil spray on the external surface of the pots.

The Difference Between Compost Manure and Green Manure?

Green Manure

Green manure is a planted plant that is grown during the off-season on farm grounds.

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The crop is then killed off and the vegetative matter gets incorporated into the existing soil.

This kinda crop can be turned under into the soil or it could be simply cut down at ground level and dropped in place.

Legumes crops are often used as green manure because they have something that is called rhizobia within their roots that make nitrogen available for plants. killing off green manure plants makes it ideal for in-season plants to thrive with lots of rich nutrients.

Not only that, the vegetative matter breaks down and improves the soil structure as well.

If you have lots of sandy soil, green manure will help hold onto water and reduces nutrient leaching.

Green manure with Clay soil will help make the soil lighter.

Compost Manure

When it comes to homemade compost using a bin or a pile to encourage aerobic and decomposition.

The vegetative matter is mixed in so there is ideally a good balance of nitrogen and carbon.

Here include; grass clippings and leaves, animal manure, and straw.

This provides adequate moisture and oxygen to the plant itself.

The Microbial activity in the waste breaks down the material and produces traditional compost that can be added to the soil.

We use animal manure such as chicken, duck, goat, horse, and donkey all the time and it is a very low ceremony affair.

It is collected and allowed to age over time.

So when the manure is aged, it can then be directly applied to the garden beds or mixed with topsoil.

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Chicken and duck manure are both hot and high in nitrogen and will most likely kill young plants if too much is applied.

It is ideal to just mix all manure with wood chips and give it time to produce a very rich soil texture.