Tips on How To Transplant Aloe Vera Pups in a Container or Garden

Aloe Vera

How to transplant Aloe Vera pups from the parent plant into your backyard garden or for your office desk?

Well, the process is quite simple, All you need is a cutting knife and a cutting board or on a level surface where you can place the Aloe Vera plant that has the baby pups on its main root.

After all the necessary tools mentioned have been acquired, gently cut the Aloe Vera pups individually from the main root. This will help to resolve less damage to the baby pups on the main mother root.

So, in the process of separating the aloe vera pups from the main parent root, some of the baby roots will get cut off, however, that is totally normal.

It is recommended that you let the separated aloe vera pups that have been cut off from the main root quail for at least 24 hours before planting.


Well, the reason why you would want to let it quail overnight is to help the cut area on the aloe vera pups’ root time to heal so that moister does not soak inside the root for it to rot.

This is the same process use to propagate any other succulent plant to have the best chances of survival.

Aloe vera pups are plants that can live without water for quite some time, so not worry about leaving it overnight unplanted.

So What if the aloe vara pups are planted without letting them quail overnight?

Well, that’s totally fine, however, they are more likely to survive at a higher rate when left overnight to quail.

The Best Soil type for Aloe Vera Pups in a Pot

Thes best soil types that are ideal for aloe vera pups are soils that are made up of loamy dirt with very fine gravels.

This type of soil is to help aid the drainages so that water flows through and also to make sure that the aloe vera roots are not soggy.

So, if your aloe vera plant roots become too soggy, the plant may die because of too much moisture at the root. Multi-purpose compose solid with perlite is also ideal for aloe vera pups plant.

Why Do People Plant Aloe Vera Pups?

One of the main reasons why most people pant or replant aloe vera pups is to treat injures sustained from any given accident such as Burns, knife Cuts Bruises, Rash bug bites, dry scalp, or any irritable damages on the skin.


Another reason why most people plant Aloe Vera especially the pups is that they can put them up for sale or for exchange with other gardeners.

Can Aloe vera Pups Grow without Roots?

The aloe vera pup after being separated from the main mother root can survive and grow without roots, however, they should be left overnight to quail so that moister does not rot the plant root for better survival.

How to Care For Aloe Vera Pups Plant?

The aloe vera plant does not need high maintenance care at all because it can thrive in almost any environment whether the climate is hot or cold.

Ideally, you will mostly notice a lot of Aloe Vera plants in places like offices or at the Banks and business places.

This because aloe vera are plants that can live without water for quite some time and the plant does need a lot of attention nor care.

However, they should be watered every now and again but not on a daily basis nor too often. Succulent plans such a the aloe vera plant has crucial health benefit towards our health and around the environment.

These plants help to replenish the air around us by absorbing benzene in the air which is toxic pollutants.

What is Benzene Air Pollution?

Benzene air pollution is a colorless chemical that thrives at room temperature which is highly flammable with a sweet odor.

Also, Benzene is caused by human actives and natural environmental activities such as smoking, wildfire, and crude oil. 

You can find out more here about Benzene and how it affects your environment.

Nonetheless, Aloe plants are plants you should have in and around your yard and office because it beneficial whenever we need to aid minor cuts or injuries.

Five (5) Reasons Why You Should Have An Aloe Vera Plant

  • Aid minor cuts and Injures.
  • Aid bits form bugs and other insects
  • Improve air quality in and around the office
  •  Aid clears Acne
  • Improves Digestive health

They’re limitless reasons why you should have the aloe plant in your surroundings because they are not for a souvenir or just look good, they are somewhat critical to health.

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