15 Plants For Your Office Desk or Business That Look Amazing

15 Plants For Your Office

Here are 15 plants for your office, desk, or business that will look Amazing and bring value.

Plants in and around our environment are not just to beautify our surroundings, they are essential to our health on a daily basis when we are not even thinking about them.

One of the most frequent places we ten spend a lot of time, at least five days a week is at work around an office desk.

So being in and around the office on a daily basis is almost like the place we called home, with a few memorable and cherishable items such as a family picture or your first certificate of rewards.

However, I am sure you have been to other offices or even the bank which is a business place, and see that they have all sorts of flowers and plants sitting around.

Those plants are not just there for their looks or beauty alone, they’re there for health benefits as well.

So if you have an office and you want to grow some or have some of the most beautiful plants on your office desk but don’t know which one to choose, well, do worry too much.

In this post, we will entail a list of beneficial plants to have in and around the office or at your business place.

We will run through 15 ideal plants that are essential for your office, home, or business place. So remember, these plants are not limited to because they’re tons of other different variations of plants to choose from out there.

1. Chinese EverGreen

The Chines evergreen plant is one of the most adaptive plants out there that can thrive in almost any environment.

This plant is commonly ideal for conditions that have a fear amount of sunlight and warm humidity temperatures.

Plants For Your Office
Plants For Your Office

So if you are looking for a plant that is vibrant and rich in color, then the Chines Evergreen plant would be a great choice for your office or business place.

2. Aloe

The Aloe plant looks a lot like the Aloe Vera plant that we see in labeled products such a hair Shampo and Condition.

However, this Aloe plant is slightly different in size, shape, and color from the original Aloe Vera plant.

These office Aloe plant blossoms pink flower that attracts bugs and birds, so make sure to keep your windows closed.

Aloe plants

This Aloe plant is ideal for your office or business because it does not take a lot of water to survive, plus it’s very attractive and brings life to your surroundings.

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So on a given day if you forgot to water the Aloe plant nothing will happen to it because of its low maintenance requirements.

One of the main benefits of having an Aloe plant in and around the office or workplace is that this plant absorbed benzene for the air which is curial to our health.

Nonetheless, the jell within this Aloe plant has a lot of medical value just like the Aloe vera plant.

3. Snake Plant

Some people call it the Sanke plant and others called it mother’s law tongue.

This plant is ideal for your office or business place because this plant is a low maintenance plant that can survive a low light environment and also in environments that has extremely dry air.

snake plant

This Sanke plant is ideal for any office because it has all the prerequisites of a typical office environment.

Not only that, the Sanke plant shrape pointy leaves are very attractive and can complement any office attire.

4. ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is said to be one of the hardest plants to kill because of its determination to thrive.

If you are someone that is extremely business in and out of the office but do not have the time to water a plant every day. Well, this ZZ plant would come in handy.

zz plant

For succulent lovers and beginners who want an office plant in their workplace, this plant would be ideal for you because of its low maintenance.

So, even after weeks of neglect, The ZZ plant will thrive and survive in conditions that are dry with low light and still look beautiful at the same time.

5. Jade Plant

The Jade plant is commonly seen in a lot of households and business places because this plant is known to attract money, luck, and prosperity within your life.

This beautiful succulent plant can survive through harsh and extreme weather outdoor and indoor, for example, whether is super cold or it’s super hot outside.


This plant is ideal for any office desk or business because it does not need that much sunlight as other succulent plants. Its green dark leaves come in many different colors that will bring life and a breath of fresh air to your workstation desk.

6. Water Lettuce Plant

The Water Lettuce plant is known to thrive on nothing but pure water and pebble rocks as the solid. This plant is ideal for any office because it can thrive in a dry or cold environment.

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water lettuce

Water Lettuce loves sand or loam dirt with lots of water filled in a jar or container. However, when it comes down to sunlight the Water Lettuce prefers the shade over the sun.

7. Kalanchoe Plant

Know for its attractive colors and blossom, its flower will draw all the attention to your work desk. This flower blooms frequently when the temperature warms up.


Kalanchoe plant is ideal in places where it can get a lot of sunlight specifically where the sunrises near a window.

This plant needs to be monitored on a daily basis because of its nature and how it reacts to a different climates. However, having Kalanchoe in your office will stand out among the rest with its attractive, vibrant colors.

8. Lucky Bamboo

Well, the name says it all, Lucky Bamboo is one of the rarest plants you’ll find which is not that common elsewhere. This plant is known to repel evil spirits that linger and also annoy colleagues.


So, that is one of the main reasons people will have it in their office or business place. Lucy Bamboo loves a lot of sunlight and it can be grown in pure water as well with sandy rocky s.oild

Nonetheless, apart from its superstition use that most people have about this plant, The Lucky Bamboo plant would look great on any office desk.

9. Cactus

The Cactus plant is regularly seen in most business places and work desks because of its small stature and low maintenance requirements.


The Cactus plant is ideal for your office because it can thrive in almost any harsh environment.
However, even though they are low-maintenance plants, they need a lot of sunlight.

They are not suitable for low-light areas. Once they have a decent amount of sunlight they can survive for days without water.

10. Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is a beautiful plant that will show up and show out on your working desk at the office.

This plant is also a low-maintenance plant, however, it tends to love the dark corners that do not have too much sunlight.


Peace Lily is ideal for persons who are into big plants that have a glossy look and feel to your working environment.

11. Oxalis Plant

If purple is your favorite color then you should add the Oxalis plant to your office desk.

All you need to do is place this plant where it can get light to moderate sunlight.

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This Oxalis pant is very tolerant of mistreatment but it’s not recommended. Oxalis does not love wet conditions nor when it’s too cold.

 12. Philodendron Plant

The Philodendron is a very beautiful plant with broad pointy leaves that somehow have a luxurious look and feel about it.


This type of plant is ideal for an office especially if you want to add a decorative feel to your surrounding.

One of the greatest benefits of a Philodendron plant in the office is that it will help free up harmful indoor pollutant air in and around your workplace.

13. Spider Plant

This has got to be one of the toughest plants to die. Spider plants can survive anywhere no matter what the conditions are. It does not matter if it’s too hot or cold the Spider plant will survive.


One of the great benefits of the Spider plant is that it improves air quality in and around the environment.

Most likely, you will run into this plant at many residential homes and businesses quite often.

14. Asparagus Fern

If you have a business place or office that is mostly warm all the time, then the Asparagus Fren plant is ideal for you.

This plant grows and hangover with is typical for hanging on the wall or from a basket on your office desk.


One thing to note about the Asparagus plant is that it does not need a lot care as most other plants do. However, you can still water it but not on a regular basis. All you need to do is water it regularly and place it where it receives direct sunlight daily.

15. Boston Fern

The Boston Fern plant is a stylish old elegant plant that is also commonly seen in and around many business places.

This old fashion plant is a favorite for many pant lovers whether you are young or old.


This plant has a moderate to high maintenance sustainability and it is used in areas where there is low sunlight. Its feathery leaves and color on your office desk will give off the impression of a luxurious vibe, sophistication, and a breath of fresh air

So, there you have it, 15 beautiful plants for your office or business place to choose from.

Remember these are not limited to, they’re lots more amazing plants out there to choose from that will look good in your office.

I hope you find this post useful, thank you for stopping by.