The Ideal Size Container To Grow Tomato Plants Outside

What Is The Ideal Size Container To Grow Tomato Plants In Outside

The ideal size container to grow tomato plants outside in is a 5-gallon pail bucket with proper drainage holes, this size container will work wonders for different varieties of tomato plants.

Although most tomato plants grow very large such as the beefsteaks variety or the aroma variety tomato, in general tomatoes mostly grow better in the ground or in a very larger pot.

New garden beginners who have a passion for growing the own crops often ask about the ideal size container to grow tomato plants outside.

If you don’t have a large backyard space then, growing tomatoes in a 5-gallon bucket or a larger pot is the way to go.

How To Prepare Tomato Plants For Container Growth

First, start the seedlings in a nursery cell, and once they germinate and sprout about 4 inches tall, planted the young tomato plants in a 5 – 7 gallon bucket with approximately half-full organic potting mix.

So, as the young tomato plant (s) grow, cut off the lower leaves with a pruning knife, then added a few more inches of potting mix with regular soil and sea soil compost.

Continue this method until the plants grow about 3 – 5 feet tall so that the tomato plant grows taller while it flowers more fruits. This is how I get the best yield out of my container tomato plants.

Tomato plants can grow in warm and cool climates, and all season long however, I usually plant them around the rainy seasons.

Growing your own tomato plants in a container is not that difficult to do. However, the biggest mistake a lot of people tend to make is meeting the foliage dry.

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The foliage of the tomato leaves is caused by excessive watering and may cause the tomato plant to wilt and die. Tomatoes do not like too much water on their leaves, I have learned that the hard way.

So, remember to keep the foliage as dry as possible and never to let the tomato plant dry to the point of wilting.

Why A Lot Of Gardeners Love Growing Tomatoes?

The reason why a lot of gardeners grow tomatoes is mainly because of their taste. Growing your own tomato plant is fun but they also come with challenges.

Tomato care depends on the variety whether they are determinant or indeterminant types. This means each tomato types are different and will grow to a certain height and stop or continue to grow throughout their growing season.

Nevertheless, I have grown tomatoes in 5 – 7 gallon size pots and that seems to be the ideal size that works every time.

By using this size allows sufficient soil and mass so the pot won’t tip over. Nevertheless, it also allows you to have a better support system for the plant to grow and be fruitful.

The Ideal Size Container To Grow Tomato Plants
The Ideal Size Container To Grow Tomato Plants

What Is The Ideal Bag Size To Grow A Tomato Plant?

The ideal size bag to grow tomatoes depends on the tomato variety and the size of the plant. Small tomatoes that people grow require at least 2 – 4 gallons bag.

Normally a 6 – 7 gallons bag is standard for bush tomato variety such as beefsteaks, on rare occasions, 10-gallon bags are needed also.

However, don’t be surprised when you go to the garden store and see grow bags up to size 10 or 10 gallons there.

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10-gallon planting size bags are some of the most common sizes of bags that most gardeners including myself use for large plants.

Small tomato varieties, such as ‘Terenzo’ can grow in a container bag as small as 1 gallon.

Nevertheless, it is always important to not only look at the size of the bag but also at the quality of the planting bag.

A bag with 300G density is great and can survive quite a few growing periods before replacement. Remember it is all about saving and getting the value of money.

So, be sure to know the variety of the tomato you want to grow and be careful in your choice.

What Is The Ideal Pot Size To Grow A Medium-Sized Tomato Plant?

Indeterminate tomato variety such as heirlooms I grow well in a container that is 20 inches deep.  They also grow in pots that held 15 to 20 gallons of soil each.

Nevertheless, Medium-sized tomato plants can grow in 8 or 10 inches pots, however, they will much better in larger pots, ideally 14 or 16 inches in diameter.

Remember to water your tomato plant thoroughly, and fertilize the plants properly with fertilizers formulated ideally for tomatoes.

Growing medium size tomato in a large pot is always wise. The smaller the pot or container, the faster the soil dries out.

If you are a part-time gardener that works every day, you don’t want to come home and see your tomato plant wilted When tomato wilts, the flowers can fall off, and the crop will be sparse.

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