Top 6 Creepers and Vining Vegetables To Grow in Your Garden

Creepers and Vining Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are some of the most delicious foods out there on the market.

So, if you are trying to find some of the best vining leafy green vegetables.

Here are 6 Creepers and Vining Vegetables To Grow in Your Backyard Garden.

There will come a time when there is just not enough space in your garden to plant. However, most people revert to planting leafy green vegetables in containers.

So, in this post, I will share 6 of the best Creepers and Vining vegetables to grow in your garden.

If you are running out of space in your garden but want to add more leafy green vegetable plants, here are the 6 vining and creeping vegetables you can add to the garden that grows upward.

Creepers and Vining Vegetables
Creepers and Vining Vegetables

1. Squash 

There are different variations of Squash such as Summer Squash, Stright Neck Squash, and Crookneck Squash.

This type of vegetable rapidly develops roots and quickly spread and creeps just about anywhere.


If left on its own, it can grow over 3 – 6 feet in height, which makes this vegetable an excellent plant for gardeners who love planting in containers.

The Squash vegetable planet is like most other leafy greens, the plant loves lots of sunny warm temperatures along with lots of water as well.

2. Cucumber 

Cucumbers are delicious vegetables to eat, they can be cooked or be eaten raw, or even use for Spa and Beauty treatment.

Creepers and Vining Vegetables
Creepers and Vining Vegetables

This type of vegetable normally prefers warm and sunny climates and will not do well in mild or cool weather.

There long vines that creep and spread makes them ideal for container growth. However, not all its variety does well in containers.

Nonetheless, here are the varieties that are ideal for container growth, and these are the Slade and Pickel Bush.

So, if you are interested in vining and creeping vegetables make sure you add Cucumber to your list.

3. Malabar Spinach

Spinach is a leafy green vegetable that grows and creeps like Punkin. This vegetable is favorably used on meat or with tuna.


Vertical vegetable such a the Spinach grows pretty fast even in a container or tray. This plant never stops growing or producing vines so you would have almost non-stop supplies of Spinach leafy green leaves.

Also, despite its preferable desire to thrive in warm tropical weather, the Spinach vegetable still performers will in mild weather conditions.

It is ideal to start the seeds in a tray indoors,t then transplant them in a bigger tray or near a vertical pole so that the Spinach grows upwards.

So, over time, the Spinach vegetable will overwhelmingly get bushy and you may need to harvest the plant regularly.

Nonetheless, if you like leafy green plants or just want to add more vegetables to your garden, the Spinach plant is one to start with.

4. Melons 

Melons are a beloved food by many people and always come with a mouthwatering refreshment. There are also many different variations of Melons out there that grow and creep in a vine format.

Most people grow them in large containers such as old tires or raised beds specifically for Melons only.

Also, Melons do not like it when their roots are transplanted so, it’s best to plant them in an area where they won’t be disturbed.

Lastly, Melons love lots of water with warm temperatures. However, over time as they mature, they require less water.

5. Tomatoes 

Tomatoes are one to the juicy vegetable to eat, especially when they are fresh and homegrown.  The taste and flavor just hit different when they are grown from home.

There is a wide variety of vining Tomatoes that grows upwards instead of spreading out. To name a few they are Sweet 100 Tomatoes, Green Zebra, and tumbling Tom.

These are only a few Tomatoes that can grow on a vine but are not limited to, there are plenty more Tomatoes out there that creep upwards.

When it comes to garden space, you down have to worry about reporting or transplanting as long as the container is large enough, these Tomatoes will do well.

 6. Pole Beans  

Pole Beans are great with an egg sandwich for breakfast in the morning. They can grow up to 10 feet in height which is impressive.


Ideal for warm climate Pole Beans is suitable for potting and places where they have a lot of space to climb upwards.

This type of vegetable is not ideal for transplanting because like most other similar vining a creeping bean Vegetables don’t like it when their root is disturbed.

Also, the Pole Beans vegetable plant does not love it when the temperatures drop too low, it favors warmer weather where it can thrive the best.

So, if you are out of gardening space you can grow these vegetables in a container if you do not have them already.

These are 6 creeper and vining vegetables to grow in your backyard garden.

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