9 Edible Wild Plants Most People Love To Eat Around The World

weirdest Edible Wild Plants

What is the weirdest plant you have ever eat?

There are plenty of edible wild plants in your garden you may come across a few times and throw them out.

However, did you know that some of these edible wild plants are deciduous and consumed on a daily basis by a lot of people?


Keep on reading to find out more about these unexpected wild edible plants that can be found in your garden as well.

These edible plants are specifically grown in the garden and can be eaten, there are indeed various edible things that might exist unhelped in the garden.

This, of course, will be different from region to region, and your soil type, soil quality. Some of these wild plant varieties might be inedible or poisonous without proper treatments.

It is not recommended to go ahead and eat these wild plants without knowing if they’re for you.

Nevertheless, it is a good idea to consult an expert or a master gardener who specializes in the local area before trying to eat things.

Remember, just because some plants are edible, doesn’t mean they’re also palatable. Among other things, these garden kinds of stuff might be edible:

weirdest Edible Wild Plants
Edible Wild Plants

Edible Wild Flowers Plants


Ferns are common flower plants and can be found in unexpected places, they even grow wild as a weed in most backyard gardens.

While some fern plants are toxic, many are considered a delicacy in various parts of the world.

The curling leaf stalk of the young ferns plant is edible and they’re harvested during the early Spring. These stalks have a crisp, fresh taste that some people describe the taste similar to asparagus.

Some variations of ferns also have edible leaves, though these don’t taste that great. However, some might have medicinal value.


Another weird edible plant is mushroom. For most people, mushrooms are a bit controversial. Without any experience and local knowledge of how to prepare mushrooms, it is difficult to differentiate between the tasty and the toxic ones.

However, mushrooms can give a wonderful experience of taste. One of the most commonplace to bump into mushrooms and sought after is in the garden.

The most common edible garden variety of abalone mushrooms grows mainly around fall under pines and rich fatty soil.

This one has a texture that people claim comparable to the exquisite abalone.


While many moss plants are actually edible, eating one might be pressing it too much or what we would say as an over overkill.

The Moss plants are not tasty at all, most only have a coarse, hard, fibrous texture. Some mosses might have medicinal value towards the body that why most people take the time to consume them.


The Horsetail plant is somewhat a primitive plant that grows wildly around bogs and wet fatty nutrient areas.

In most gardens, it might be located around ponds or ditches. Young horsetail plant shoots are edible, and some claim to be tasty too. They have a similar taste to the fern plants as well and are harvested around Spring.

Wild Edible Succulent Flowers People Eat Regularly


 Chrysanths succulent flower plants have been long considered edible and of medicinal value by experts. The flowers, stalks, and all above-ground parts can be cooked just like any other vegetables or brewed like tea.

Day Lily

When it comes to day lily,  not all lilies and lily-like flowers are edible, however, the (Hemerocallis day lily) type turns out to be.

The flower, stalk, and bulb can be cooked just like any vegetable or used in salad.

Tiger Lily

Tiger lily is one of the more popular succulent flowers due to how fast it can easily grow, and in some areas, as there are plenty of weeds. In Asia, tiger lily is considered a delicacy.


Succulent flower plants such as Roses have been long known as edible plants, and people claim that the plant has medicinal value and other qualities from eating roses.

Flower plants such as a rose might be connected to the multitude of myths surrounding these highly popular flowers.


Marigold flower plant is also edible, but not in large quantity, as the taste might not be satisfying to everyone’s taste buds. Its flavor usually added as sprinkles or accent in cooking.

Once again these are some of the weirdest edible plants that are eaten by most people around the world on a daily basis. Not just for their taste but for medical value as well.

Let me know some of the weirdest edible plants you have tried down in the comments section.

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