Here’s How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Weeds In The Garden

Here' How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Weeds In The Garden

Getting rid of unwanted weeds in the garden can be frustrating at times and time-consuming when other things could be done.

However, it does not always have to be that way. We are going to look at a few techniques you and apply in the garden to get rid of unwanted weeds or to at least slow them down.

The first technique is old school and is still performed by a lot of gardeners.

First Technique:

Traditionally, the old-school technique is to make time and gently pull the weeds out of your garden with your hands.

If you soaked the garden well a few days before using your hands, it will make the job of pulling the unwanted weeds up a lot easier.

A garden fork will work well in areas where you have the space to dig out unwanted weeds.

Also, a dandelion puller is another handy tool to use in tighter spaces where it’s hard to reach. Both of these tools will make it easier to remove the root system of weeds.

So, having the right tool will make the task of removing unwanted weeds easier.

Second Technique:

Once you have finished cleaning your garden of any visible bush or weed.

Apply a pre-emergent such as Preenevery (3 – 4 months) to the area, this will inhibit the weed seeds from germinating again.

Third Technique:

Think of your garden task as a way to connect with the plants as one and allow yourself to feel a bit of peace while being out in the garden.

The best time to get started is early in the morning while it is still cool outside and the bugs are still at rest.

Regular maintenance is key to keep your garden weed-free or at least to slow them down or reduce their population.

 Get Rid Of Unwanted Weeds In The Garden
Get Rid Of Unwanted Weeds In The Garden

Tips and Tricks That Rid The Garden of weeds instantly

Use the Boiling Water Technique

Boiling water is a great technique to use to rid wood from the garden, but it might not help to completely get rid of every single weed.

However, it can surely help to decrease the number of weeds in the garden.

All you need to do is make the water scalding hot.


Well, making it so hot will help the water to reach down to the roots of weeds and loosen them immediately. This method will make it easier to pull weeds from the soil.

Mulching Weed Roots

Mowing the lawn and leaving the clumps of grass clippings on the lawn itself will help alleviate the weed issue. This technique will help kill the grass underneath and keep the garden free from wild weeds.

Hot Compost

Wild weed seeds have the capability to survive in compost piles that are not hot enough.

So, you need to heat up your home make compost pit to 130 degrees F for several weeks, for example, by starting a fire on top of the compost pile.

Ensure that the compost pit is steamy and warm in the center as well. It will deactivate weed seeds even before they can spread and germinate in your garden.

Use Weed Tarp 

Weed traps along with grass clippers will give shade to your soil and protect it from anything sprouting underground.

The weed trap technique will also help protect your soil from evaporation, and erosion, and maintains the moisture of the soil for a while.

The Best Way to Clear an Overgrown Garden Without Using Chemicals?

It all depends on the size of the garden, if it’s a huge garden, you may be better off renting a tiller and using that to break the sod.

Getting help from family and friends to take on the task is a good idea.

One person could run the tiller, and another rakes out the sod clumps in at the same time.

However, perhaps you don’t have a tool such as a tiller, you can also use a shovel to break the sod, turn its roots up, and add compost right on top of that.

The sod will eventually die and after a while enrich the soil, and you can plant right on top of it.

Another approach is to cover the garden with lots of compost, cardboard, paper, tarp, or whatever you have available then wait for the weeds to die off underneath.

What kills weeds Faster, Spray Weed killers, or Pulling Them?

Sprays that work well by killing the root of weeds in the garden are called Round-up.

Round-up weed killer sprays are causing the same kind of problems that over-prescribed drugs such as antibiotics are causing humans.

Please note that if used too the Round-up spray too frequently and other people in your surrounding area, the effectiveness is reduced.

After a while, you will notice that the plant is gone, but it has undoubtedly produced seed that will grow up soon again while it becomes resistant to pesticides and that spray in particular.

Pulling up the entire weed with your hands will kill that one plant.

However, unless the ground is very soft, you’ll most likely leave part of the root in the ground, so you’ve only delayed the weed flowering and seeding germination process.

Yes, using weed spray such as Round-up will kill unwanted weeds in the garden faster but, after a time they become resistant to the spray.

Here is how to kill Weeds Completely By Digging

1. Dig the weeds out of the garden soil while the ground is soft, either during or after watering or rainfall.

2. It is ideal to use a short pointed spade, for example, a shovel with a handle, and push down beside the weed roots. This process will dislodge the weed roots so you can pull them easily.

3. Pull out weeds and get as many as you can early in the spring and summertime.

Overall, most people hardly use the classic technique of using their hands to pull out grade weeds.

They would rather use weed killer spray to get the issue resolved, however, if you are planting to create a vegetable garden, using too many chemicals alongside the vegetable such around is not ideal.

I hope we did a great job of providing helpful tips and techniques on how to get rid of unwanted weeds in the garden.

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