7 Vegetables You Can Harvest Within One Month Or less Fast

7 Vegetables You Can Harvest Within One Month Or less Fast

If you are looking for some of the fastest vegetables you can harvest within one month or less. You have come to the right place.

Sowing most vegetables from your seedbed into a fully grown plant can take a long time. However, did you know there are some vegetables you can harvest within a few weeks?

Yes, and these are some of the most popular leafy green veggies you will find at your local supermarket as well.

So, once you have learned about some of these fast-growing vegetables, you don’t need to buy them again at your local supermarket.

These vegetables are very easy to grow in a short period of time. All you need is some good compost with lots of nutrients in the soil.

Regular watering and prune-harvesting to keep the plant producing healthy leafy green leaves through its life cycle.

So, here are 9 vegetables you can grow and Harvest within one month or less.

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1. Leafy Green Onion

Green onions otherwise known as scallions are great vegetables you can not do without when it comes down to seasoning your meat. It takes only 21 – 23 days to harvest leafy green onions once they have been sown.

fastest vegetables you can harvest within one month or less
fastest vegetables you can harvest within one month or less

This type of vegetable is also a fast grower that can be cut from its base root over and over again throughout its lifespan.

So, whenever the leafy green onion shoot/leaves reach 7 inches in length it should take 21 days. It is ready to be harvested.

2. Lettuce 

Your Morning sandwich would not be completed without a touch of Lettuce. Lettuce leafy green vegetables are super fast growers.

In around 30 days, lettuce plants are ready for harvesting or sooner depending on the type of soil and the amount of water they get daily.


Lettuce loves cool shady areas where there is little sunlight, so it’s ideal to plant them at the beginning of spring when the weather is 60 – 70 degrees. There are different types of Lettuce out there that can tolerate hot sun exposure as well.

3. Garden Cress 

Garden Cress is a super fast-growing vegetable that can be harvested within as title as 2 weeks (14 – 15).

Vegetables such as the Graden Cress are ideally planted around early spring. All you need is rich compost with lots of nutrients and water.

So, when your Garden Cress herb reaches around 2 feet in length, they are ready to be harvested and eaten with your morning salads, sandwich, or soup.

4. Tatsoi 

In about 25 days, Leafy Green Tatsoi is ready for harvesting. Young Tatsoi leaves can be harvest as soon as their leaves reach 4 inches in length.

Many vegetarians enjoy Tatsoi as one of their main morning breakfasts to eat. However, other Tatsoi growers prefer to wait the full 40 days when the Tatsoi vegetable is fully matured.

5. Spinach 

Within 30 days or less, Leafy Green Spinach vegetables are ready for harvesting. Spinach loves very cool weather which they can grow in as low as 20-degree Fahrenheit.


So, it’s ideal to sow to grow them in early spring or where there is lots of shade with little to no sunlight and lots of water.

Do not expose Spinaches to direct sunlight nor do not with until 30 days have passed because the leaves will taste bitter once it reaches maturity.

Replant Spinach seeds every 14 days to have them harvested regularly. Although there are many different types of Spinaches, they all have the characteristic.

6. Radishes 

Vegetables such as Radishes only take around 22 – 23 days to harvest. Radishes vegetables love moist and cool shaded areas in your garden, so it’s ideal to grow them around the beginning of spring when the weather is about 60 degrees.

As soon as you have sowed the Radish seeds, in about 4 days the plant with shooting leafy green leaves. It’s also ideal to plant Radishes every 2 weeks to have them in abundance all the time.

7. Kale

When it comes down to Kale vegetables they only take around 30 days to harvest. The Kales’s young leafy green leaves can be cut over and over again once the plants reach 2 – 3 inches tall.


Just avoid picking or damaging the main central young shoot of the Kale plant so that it continues to produce healthy leafy green leaves throughout its growing season.

There are many other vegetables out there that you can harvest within a few weeks just like the ones listed above in this post.

However, these are just a few of our favorite fast-growing vegetables we enjoyed sharing with you. I hope this post was beneficial to you in somewhat way, thanks for stopping by. Cheer!

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