Can Gardening Help The Environment? Yes, and Here’s How

Can Gardening Help The Environment

Can gardening help the environment? This is a question that is asked all time by people who love gardening and also their surrounding.

Well, the answer is yes, on a personal level, gardening as a whole improves the quality of life for the gardener with exercise, innovation, challenges, and therapy.

When it comes to gardening on a societal level, most backyard/urban gardening cuts down on the demand for pallets of under-ripe and over-gassed products from a continent away.

This helps by cutting down on distribution costs and aesthetic losses to benefit everyone.

However, when it comes to if gardening helps the environment on an evolutionary level, well, civilization was built around agricultural settlements back in the day.

The middle kingdom of the Chinese Empire a few years ago outlasted most empires by keeping its focus on the rice-patty basics. If the parties failed, the community failed. Communities failed, the Empire faltered.

The same goes for our current situation if our country fails to produce crops in an individual, societal and environmental way, our country will fail.

This means that well have to import food from different parts of the world which can come at a hefty price tag tanking the economy.

Can Gardening Help The Environment
Can Gardening Help The Environment

Can Gardening Help The Environment?

Gardening plays a vital role in the environment and everyone’s nature. Most individuals who love gardening probably know this.

The benefits of gardening and its impact on our environment are not limited to offering healthy food, but instead, they have a lot to offer to a person’s health and economic benefits as well.

How Gardening Impact The Environment

  • It Helps to Lower Levels of Diabetes And Heart Diseases
  • Gardening helps to Sharpen Your Mind
  • Gardening helps Fight against Stress and Anxiety
  • Gardening helps with Aerobic Exercises
  • Gardening helps Persons Who lack Vitamin D
  • Gardening helps Enhances Immune System

Going through the above-discussed points based on personal experience will surely help you find out that gardening can be beneficial and much enjoyable. Nevertheless, a person can have a healthy lifestyle being in the outside world and surrounded by the natural environment.

Environmental Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

Find out more about these environmental benefits of growing your own food right from your own backyard. These are ways in which you can go green by avoiding conventional methods of consuming food.

Carbon and Waste Reduction

When Growing your own food, they allow you to stop relying on traditional methods of purchasing your goods from the supermarket.

When you buy foods from the grocery store, you should take into consideration the fact that these foods travel an average of 2,000 miles before ever being consumed.

Nevertheless, not only does this impact the flavor and freshness of the food but also emit dangerous amounts of carbon emissions and waste. Waste is associated with air flight cargo, and other transportation methods into the atmosphere.

However, by Gardening/farming outdoor and growing your own food, you are helping in the fight to reduce the high amounts of burning fossil fuels that fill our environment as a result of importing foods from local and commercial farmers.

Gardening outside helps reduce waste from food packaging materials such as man-made plastics and cardboard, which also travel hundreds and thousands of miles.

Pesticides and Fertilizers

By gardening and growing your own food, you’ll get peace of mind knowing what you are eating and what has been used to grow your food.

Commercial farming not only emits harmful chemicals into the air as mentioned before but also pours harmful chemicals into our soil and water.

When it comes down to conventional farming, it utilizes an extreme amount of pesticides and fertilizers to grow crops, filling our soil and the foods that we are consuming with harmful chemicals.

Those chemicals have even proved to cause cancer and other diseases.

So, by doing what you love and growing your own garden, you are the one to decide what goes on your plants and into your soil.

Knowing this allows you to reduce the number of harmful chemicals polluting our environment and waterways which is a major problem.

Going green and organically growing your own food is sustainable and nourishes your soil when you use safe and natural fertilizers and products.

Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food

For Garden lovers, growing your own food, especially for the first time, helps you to grow and learn more about plants/crops over time.

To make your plants/crops flourish, you have to learn about the weather and other environmental factors that may not have been aware of before.

Gardening can also be a fun, family task to make an environmental impact together and to teach your children the importance of going green.

Environmental Love

Each year we have a special day called Earth Day, take a step towards going green in your home backyard garden. This helps keep our air, water, and soil clean by helping to reduce the demands put on our land every day by commercial agriculture.

How Can Gardening Help The Environment?

One of the ways in which gardening can help the environment is by making you more aware of your surrounding.

You will notice the trash on the ground or your neighbor spraying toxic chemicals on his lawn grass.

When a person chooses to grow his or her own food using organic methods, it is always a win, win for the individual, family, and environment.

Organically grown food is more nutritious and tastier than those which are over-fertilized.

Nevertheless, it also cuts out chemicals that mess with our health and lifestyle.

Growing crops such as vegetables and herbs helps sustain bees, and butterflies who are attracted to the insects.

The reason why I love to plant sunflowers is that they are beautiful, but also feed the birds, bees, and butterflies.

As a farmer, you are less likely to buy chemically treated produce. Your health improves and your bank account is safe from price gouging.

Also over time, you will learn a great deal about soil, water, and the earth around you. Every plant puts out oxygen and takes in carbon dioxide, this means talking to your plants helps both of your plants grow.

Some people suffer from nature deprivation issues. So this is the best opportunity to gets outside and gardens to help relieve that issue.

Gardening can also energize you as well. Almost any exercise outside in the sunlight burns more calories.

You could mostly be a person who hates gardening. however, in that case, make friends with a gardener. 🙂

So, if you are one of the people who asked; Can Gardening help the Environment? Well, the answer is most definitely.

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