Fruits That Start With S List

Fruits That Start With S.

Searching for fruits with the letter S? You’ve arrived at the right location at the right time. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the fruits we could locate that begin with the letter “S.

Popular List Of Fruits That Start With S


Originally from the African continent, the safou fruit has a creamy texture when cooked. This plant’s seeds and the tree’s bark are also valuable. The seeds can be eaten, and the wood can build.

Saigon Mango

The Saigon mango has its origins in Asia. For more than a century, it has been a staple in the American diet. Its mild flavor makes it ideal as a quick meal or snack.


There may be 30 different varieties of salak trees in Indonesia. Known for its sour and sweet flavor, it is a popular fruit.


It’s hard to tell the difference between salal and blueberries when they’re fully mature. Some claim that the leaves of this plant can make a tea that can treat ulcers, heartburn, indigestion, and other digestive ailments.


Salmo berries are native to North America’s west coast. You can eat them as is or make jam and confectionery out of them.


In the Philippines, santol is a popular fruit. People must climb the tree and twist the fruits from the branches with split-end sticks to collect them.


Sapodillas are a beloved fruit in various tropical locations. If you cut it open, you’ll see golden brown meat that’s the color of a well-baked pastry. Sapodilla fruits taste a lot like the pastries they’re modeled after, and they’re just as sweet.

Sarvis berry

Although we can eat Sarvis berries raw, these plants are crucial to the health of wildlife. You’d be surprised to learn that they taste a lot like blueberries when eaten raw.


It is a citrus that originated in China and is now grown in Japan. This is one of the sweeter citrus varieties available today, making it ideal for individuals who aren’t fans of citrus’s sour taste.


When you look at these clustered fruits, the term “seagrape” makes perfect sense. In the same way as grapes, you may eat them right out of the jar or use them to make jelly and jam.

Seville Orange

Some believe that the Seville orange is a combination of pomegranate and Mandarin oranges. They’re commonly used in the production of marmalade. In raw form, the pulp is not fit for human consumption.

Shonan Gold

Fruits That Start With S
Fruits That Start With S

Possibly the best name for this citrus fruit is Shonan Gold from Japan. It’s simple to detect because of its bright gold hue. It’s also related to the satsuma, which is on our list.


When ripe, the soncoya fruit’s spines make it look downright menacing. Soursop is what you’ll taste when you open it up.

Sour Cherry

Sour cherries, as the name suggests, have a sour, lip-puckering flavor. Aside from sour cherries, Turkey is the largest grower of fruit in the world.

Splendor Apple

Fruits That Start With S
Fruits That Start With S

The grandeur apple is popular in New Zealand because of its dessert-like flavor. A crisp and delicious apple, the Granny Smith is a superb choice for an on-the-go snack.

Star Apple

Something resembling the star apple might be created by dipping an apple in ink. The tar apple’s name may have come from its black hue.

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