Fruits That Start With Z List

Fruits That Start With Z

Fruits That Start With Z.

There are lots of fruits around the world that start with Z. If you would like to know more, check out our popular list below of fruits that start with the letter Z but are not limited to it.

10 Popular Fruits That Start With Z

Zhe Fruit

Maclura tricuspidata is the scientific name of the fruit tree. East Asian fruit trees, such as hers, have been naturalized in Japan for decades. There is a thorn on the tree when it is young, but it disappears when the tree reaches a mature age.

Zig-Zag Vine Fruit

Melodorum leichhardtii is the scientific name for zig-zag vine fruit trees. Eastern Australia is home to this kind of tree. Zig-zag vine trees can thrive in rain forests, monsoon forests, vine thickets, and gallery forests at sea levels of 1,100 meters or more. They tasted like orange-sherbet when they were ripe, and the color of the fruit was bright orange. Not many people eat this fruit uncooked, but it is commonly used in gourmet cuisine to prepare sauces.

Zinfandel Grapes Fruit

Vitis vinifera is the scientific name of the vine that produces Zinfandel grapes. There is a kind of black-skinned wine grape known as Zinfandel, which is genetically similar to Croatian grapes in appearance. The strong red wine Zinfandel is made from common Zinfandel grapes. Zinfandel grapes have a high sugar content, which means that they may be fermented to produce an alcohol content of roughly 15%.


Zwetschgen, often known as prune plums, is a prominent fruit in the European region. You can eat them raw, but they’re more commonly used in sweets like tarts and pies since they maintain their shape so well. In addition to being sweet and slightly tart, these plums are smaller and more elliptical than most “typical” plums.

Zante Currant

Zante currants, like raisins, are not a distinct type of fruit. It’s black corinth grapes that have been dried out. In British cuisine, they are frequently employed.

Zinfandel Grape

Winemakers prefer Zinfandel because of its dark color and thick bunches. Just like the larger grapes you’ll find in your local grocery store, these grapes are just as delicious. A lot of people use them to make zinfandel wine, as you may have guessed from the name. You can also eat them raw.

Ziziphus Fruit

Ziziphus fruits aren’t prevalent in North America or Europe, either as “jujube fruit” or as “Ziziphus fruit.” There is a long history of eating these foods in Asian cuisine, dating back hundreds of years. It is possible to eat all three types of Ziziphus fruit. The Chinese also employ them for medicinal purposes, and they’re said to have a calming effect on the nervous system.


A native of Iran, the Zalzalak fruit looks like red persimmons or red sapotes. Oval-shaped rather than circular is the only difference. In addition, they are both sweet and sour, and they also have several health advantages.

Zabergau Reinette Apples

The Zabergau Reinette apple is a favorite in Germany, despite its lack of popularity in the United States. As a russet apple, it’s brownish-green in color, just like most russets. After a month or so in the refrigerator, the apple is sweeter than if you ate it right away. As soon as it is plucked from the vine, the fruit has a strong flavor and dense, tough flesh.


Fruits That Start With Z
Fruits That Start With Z

I bet you’ve had zarzamora at some point in your life. In Spanish, “blackberry” is a noun. Blackberries with their slightly gritty seeds and blackberry cobbler are both classics of the Zarzamora family.

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