What Can You Grow With Potatoes: The Versatility of Potatoes

What Can You Grow With Potatoes

Potatoes, humble yet versatile, have been a staple food for centuries.

Originating from the Andes region in South America, these tuberous vegetables have made their way into cuisines around the world.

Apart from being a delightful addition to our plates, potatoes also offer a unique opportunity for home gardeners to experiment and grow a diverse range of crops.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the incredible potential of potatoes in supporting the growth of various plants, opening up a world of culinary possibilities right in your backyard.

Companion Planting with Potatoes

What Can You Grow With Potatoes
What Can You Grow With Potatoes

Potatoes have the remarkable ability to serve as a supportive companion plant for numerous other crops.

One such example is growing beans alongside potatoes. Beans, with their nitrogen-fixing properties, enrich the soil by converting atmospheric nitrogen into a form that plants can use.

This benefits potatoes, as they are heavy feeders that require a nutrient-rich environment. Additionally, the beans’ climbing vines can provide a natural trellis for the potatoes, saving space and creating a symbiotic relationship.

When companion planting potatoes and beans, consider using bush beans rather than pole beans to avoid overshadowing the potato plants.

Plant the beans in between the potato rows or at the edges of the potato patch. As the beans grow, their foliage shades the soil, reducing weed growth and conserving soil moisture.

In return, the potato plants provide a sturdy support structure for the bean vines to climb.

The combination of potatoes and beans not only enhances the overall productivity of the garden but also offers a visually appealing and space-saving arrangement.

Growing Herbs with Potatoes

What Can You Grow With Potatoes

Potato plants offer an excellent opportunity to create an herb garden in the same plot.

The dense foliage of potatoes provides shade and helps retain moisture, which is beneficial for growing herbs. Consider planting herbs like parsley, thyme, rosemary, or mint alongside potatoes.

The contrasting heights and textures of the plants create an aesthetically pleasing garden, while also providing easy access to fresh herbs for culinary adventures.

To successfully grow herbs with potatoes, choose herbs that thrive in partial shade or dappled sunlight.

Herbs like parsley and mint prefer slightly moist soil, which is provided by the potato plants’ canopy. Plant the herbs near the edges or corners of the potato patch, ensuring they receive enough sunlight for healthy growth.

Regular pruning and harvesting of herbs will help maintain their compact and bushy form.

The combination of potatoes and herbs adds a delightful fragrance to your garden while providing a convenient source of fresh, aromatic herbs for your cooking endeavors.

Leafy Greens and Potatoes

Leafy greens thrive in the presence of potatoes, as they can tolerate partial shade and benefit from the consistent moisture provided by the potato plants.

Planting greens such as spinach, Swiss chard, or kale in close proximity to potatoes ensures a continuous supply of nutrient-dense, homegrown greens throughout the growing season.

The combination of potatoes and leafy greens is not only practical but also visually appealing.

When growing leafy greens with potatoes, choose varieties that are tolerant of shade or can handle dappled sunlight.

These greens appreciate the moist and slightly acidic soil conditions created by the potato plants. Plant the leafy greens in rows or patches adjacent to the potato rows, taking care not to shade the potato plants too much.

Regularly harvesting the outer leaves of the greens will promote continuous growth and provide a fresh supply of delicious, nutritious greens for your salads and recipes.

Onions and Garlic

Potatoes and alliums like onions and garlic make a fantastic pairing. Planting these crops together helps deter pests that commonly afflict both plants.

Onions and garlic naturally repel pests such as aphids and spider mites, which are known to damage potatoes.

This beneficial companionship enhances the overall health and productivity of the garden while yielding a bountiful harvest of flavorful alliums and potatoes.

To grow onions or garlic with potatoes, choose varieties that are suitable for your climate and gardening conditions.

Plant the bulbs in separate rows or intersperse them between the potato rows. Onions and garlic prefer well-drained soil, so ensure the planting area has good drainage.

As the onions or garlic grow, their pungent aroma helps mask the scent of the potatoes, deterring pests and reducing the likelihood of disease.

Enjoy the dual benefits of fresh, homegrown alliums and healthier potatoes, all while creating a harmonious and pest-resistant garden.

Cultivating Flowers with Potatoes

Don’t limit your potato patch to edible crops alone. Consider incorporating vibrant flowers to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden while providing a boost to pollinators.

Marigolds, for example, are a popular choice for planting alongside potatoes.

These colorful flowers help repel harmful nematodes and attract beneficial insects like bees, butterflies, and ladybugs.

The result is a thriving ecosystem that contributes to the health and productivity of your garden.

When growing flowers with potatoes, choose varieties that are known for their pest-repellent properties or ability to attract pollinators.

Marigolds, nasturtiums, and calendula are excellent options. Plant the flowers around the edges of the potato patch or intersperse them between the potato plants.

Their vibrant colors and delightful scents add beauty and charm to your garden while serving as natural pest deterrents.

Make sure to provide adequate watering and regular deadheading to keep the flowers blooming throughout the season, providing a delightful display for both you and your garden visitors.


The potato, a versatile and undeniably tasty vegetable, can do so much more than merely grace our plates.

When you explore the potential for companion planting, we can unlock a world of culinary possibilities right in our backyards.

From beans to herbs, leafy greens, alliums, and even flowers, potatoes serve as an excellent ally in promoting plant health, repelling pests, conserving space, and fostering a harmonious garden ecosystem.

So, whether you’re an avid gardener or simply looking to add some flair to your outdoor space, consider the endless possibilities that come with growing different crops alongside your potatoes.

Embrace the versatility of potatoes and cultivate a garden that not only nourishes your body but also delights your senses.


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