Types Of Blinds Each Room Needs

Types Of Blinds Each Room Needs

When it comes to the selection of window treatments for your home, it can sometimes feel overwhelming given the vast array of options available. A key choice among these options is blinds, which not only provide privacy but also control light and enhance the overall aesthetic of your room. In this article, we will discuss different types of blinds suitable for each room in your home.

Living Room: Roman Blinds

For the living room, the heart of your home, Roman blinds are an excellent choice. These blinds offer a clean and sophisticated look, which is perfect for a room that serves as the main gathering place. With their elegant drapery effect when raised, they bring an added touch of sophistication. Roman blinds come in a variety of fabrics and patterns, allowing you to match them with your room’s decor.

Kitchen: Venetian Blinds

The kitchen, being a place that requires easy maintenance, would benefit most from Venetian blinds. These blinds are made of horizontal slats that can be tilted to control the amount of light entering the room. Venetian blinds are typically made from metal or plastic, making them resistant to moisture and heat, and easy to clean – all essential characteristics for a kitchen environment.

Bedroom: Blackout Roller Blinds

The bedroom requires a blind that offers maximum privacy and light control. For this, blackout roller blinds are the ideal choice. As the name suggests, these blinds have a special coating that prevents light from penetrating, thereby providing an optimal environment for restful sleep. Available in various colours and patterns, blackout roller blinds can also contribute to your bedroom’s aesthetic appeal.

Bathroom: Waterproof Blinds

When it comes to bathrooms, the primary consideration should be moisture resistance. For this reason, waterproof blinds, often made from PVC or vinyl, are the most appropriate choice. These materials not only withstand humidity but are also easy to clean. Faux wood blinds could be another great choice as they provide the look of natural wood but with added resistance to moisture.

Home Office: Vertical Blinds

With an increase in the number of people working from home, it’s essential to consider the needs of a home office. Vertical blinds are an excellent option here. These blinds are perfect for large windows or patio doors often found in home offices, allowing easy control of light and privacy while also reducing glare on computer screens. Their sleek and modern look can contribute to a professional atmosphere in your workspace.

Express Blinds for Customised Solutions

Express Blinds, a trusted UK provider of customised window solutions, offers all these types of blinds and more. They can provide expert advice on the best blinds for each room in your house, considering not only functionality but also the style that best complements your interior decor.


Choosing the right blinds for each room in your home is a balance between practicality and aesthetics. Roman blinds provide elegance for your living room, Venetian blinds offer easy maintenance for your kitchen, blackout roller blinds ensure privacy and light control for your bedroom, waterproof blinds cater to the humidity of your bathroom, and vertical blinds support the needs of a home office. With bespoke solutions from providers such as Express Blinds, you can ensure that your window treatments perfectly suit the unique needs and style of each room in your home.