Top 8 Summer Vegetables You Can Grow During The Heat

Top 8 Summer Vegetables You Can Grow During The Heat

If you have a garden and you love growing leafy green crops on a whole, here are 8 summer vegetables you can grow during the hot summertime.

Summer is practically the best season to grow the leafy green vegetables that we love eating.

When it comes down to winter, you have a slim chance of growing vegetables in your backyard garden.

However, today, I will sure with you 8 Summer Vegetables and non-vegetables you can get the most out of during the hot summertime.

Most of the mentioned vegetables beloved are easy to grow, you don’t need to be a professional gardener to grow all these delicious vegetables.

Most of these vegetables can also do well in other seasons such as during spring and fall.

Here is a list of the top 8 summer vegetables and herbs to grow during the summertime but or not limited to:

1. Basil

Leafy Green vegetables such as Basil are very easy to grow. Even though the Summertime can be extremely hot, Basil plants grow healthy.


Your soup, vegetable salads, and pasta would not be completed without the delicious taste of Basil.

Basil plants also love shady areas in your garden, however, as long as they get sufficient water on a regular basis, the Basil plant will grow well during the summertime. Vegetables such as Basil can be pruned and harvested on a regular basis during the summer as well.

However, once the weather drops below 50 degrees, the plant will slow down its production of leafy green leaves.

2. Eggplant

Eggplant also otherwise known as Garden Egg grows well during the summertime. If you are familiar with Eggplants, you would know that there are different types of Eggplants around the world.

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To name a few, these are the Japanese Eggplant and Black Beauty Eggplant. Vegetables such as the Eggplant will continuously produce food up until fall.

Most people love them cooked down on meat, while others enjoy them roasted. So, if you are wondering which vegetable you can grow during the summertime, remember to add Eggplants to your list.

3. Hot Chilly Peppers

If you love hot spicy peppers in your food, then hot peppers or hot chilly peppers are great summer vegetables to grow during heated times.

Hot Chilly Peppers are a no-brainer because they are pretty easy to grow. They normally grow to about 3 feet tall and do well throughout the summer.

Hot Chilly Peppers

One of the best things about Hot Chilly Peppers is that they have little to no pest problem, unlike other hot peppers that are posted with whiteflies.

So, when the plant is fully matured and ready to produce hot peppers, you will have all summer long to harvest Hot Chilly Peppers.

4. Tomatoes 

Tomatoes are common and popular around the world. Almost every gardener you meet can give a testimony that they have grown tomatoes at some point.

Although there are many different variations of tomatoes, Cherry tomatoes, and Yellow Pear tomatoes grow well during the summertime.


A lot of people grow vegetables such as tomatoes because of how refreshing and delicious it tastes. There are also 2 types of tomatoes that produce food differently. These are named Determinant and Indeterminate.

Determinant tomatoes only produce tomatoes once then they die, while Indeterminate tomatoes produce and grow tomatoes more than once.

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This only means that for indeterminate tomatoes, you can have them producing tomatoes more than just one time throughout the summertime.

5. Okra

Okra is a fast-growing plant that can be eaten raw, cooked, or steamed. not many people love to grow Okra, not because of the taste but because it’s slime nature.

There have been rumors that Okra is a great source of food to improve joint pains.  However, in spite of that Okra is a great plant that grows throughout the year including the summer.

One of the best things about the Okra plant is that it continuously produces food for weeks until it dies. Okra does not like too much water, but make sure they are not too dry either.

6. Sweet Peppers

Sweet Peppers otherwise known as Bell Peppers are great vegetables to grow throughout the summer. However, when it comes down to Sweet Peppers, they can at times be difficult to grow because of their nature.

You will need lots of nutrients in the solid with lots of compost to grow Sweet Peppers healthy and fruitful along with moisture.

Nevertheless, if you only have tropical weather where you live, you should add Sweet Peppers to your list of vegetables to grow during the summer.

7. Cucumbers

There are many different varieties of Cucumbers to grow throughout the summertime. The Cucumbers plant loves lots of water and solid with lots of compost. So makes sure you add Cucumbers to the list of summer vegetables to grow.


8. Pumpkins 

Vining plants such as Pumpkins can grow very fast during the summertime. One thing to note is that Pumpkins take up lots of space in your garden, so it is ideal to grow them where they are free to run wild without interfering with other plants.

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Another thing to note about Pumpkins is that it can take 3 – 4 months before the Pumpkin is ready to harvest. So, if you plant your Pumpkin seeds by June, you are more likely to harvest by Halloween.

So there you have our top 8 summer vegetables you can grow during the hot holiday.

These are only some of what you can grow during the summertime, there are plenty more leafy green vegetables to grow during the summer season.