Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home Interior Beauty

Spring Cleaning

Are you clueless and don’t know how or where to start your spring cleaning routine each time around?

If so, stick around, we will share our top 10 spring cleaning methods you can apply when cleaning your interior home and finish within a day.

Dust and dirt are sometimes overlooked during the wintertimes, however, when spring steps in everything is a mess. This is because windows and doors at your home are closed during these times.

However, when the spring season steps in and your days get a little brighter, all kinds of stuff start to show up, for example, dust, dirty laundry, collectibles, misplaced shoes, and so on.

There is not a wrong or right way to do your home interior spring cleaning.

Also, there are many places across the world that don’t have a spring season, however, the cleaning routines that are listed below are inclusive whether you have spring season or not.

It can be frustrating to do your spring cleaning all at once, however, don’t worry too much, here are ten (10) ideal spring cleaning tips you can apply at home.

Top 10 Spring Cleaning Hacks
Top 10 Spring Cleaning Hacks

1. Delegated Specialist

There is nothing like getting a helping hand to reach places and do things inside your home where it would be difficult to do by yourself.

Sometimes special skills are needed to complete tasks such as cleaning two-story windows, cleaning your chimney, and many more.

A delegate specialist can clean difficult areas of your home that would save you time and reduce the number of tasks needed to clean your entire home.

Also, it’s ideal to have a specialist with special skills to clean areas such as your chimney, especially if you are in your senior age.

2. Declutter Items 

Miscellaneous items such as clothing old and new figaries, kid toys, and all that stuff litter not just the floor but in areas where not regularly.

Decluttering your home interior every 3 to 6 months will alleviate excess work when it’s time for spring cleaning. Seeing many items laying around can be intimidating and stressful leaving you demotivated and leaving it for another while more items pill up.

Also, getting things in order form early will help to separate wanted items from unwanted ones.

For example, you could have a box labeled and named for old stuff you want to discard or donate, and another box labeled with items and stuff you want to keep.

Not to mention, if there are kids around more than likely you will have a mess pace, so also ensure that toys and other collectibles have a designated storage area.

3. Cleaning Supplies 

When you are ready to start your spring cleaning task make sure you have all the supplies you need.

These include but are not limited to, gloves, brush, bleach, cloths, sponge, all-purpose cleaner, furniture cleaner, paper towels, and bin bags just to name a few.

Make sure you have a little basket or kit with all the essential items needed for cleaning. leaving everything scattered around the place will only create more work in the long run. Plus we all know that items can be misplaced easily leaving you searching from left to right. So, it is always ideal to have all your cleaning products in a kit.

4. Start From Top To Bottom

Cleaning from the top down is always a good idea because if you clean the furniture and floor first, dust remnants from ceiling fans and chandelier will shed loose dirt below the surface causing extra work.

Secondly, after you have finished dusting and cleaning the ceiling, move on to the furniture and windows.

Then, final onto mopping and vacuuming the floor when everything in the room is clean.

This alleviates you from going back and forth in and out of the areas you have previously cleaned.

Also when you are finished, you will find that this cleaning routine makes your work easier and you feel more accomplished.

5. Cleaning Electric Appliances 

Your Fridge is where most of the food you eat is stored and sometimes it can get a bit messy with spills and leftover crumbs.

However, it can be tempting at times to clean when so messy and requires unplugging of your Fridge to clean. But you may have items inside that will spoil in warm temperatures if left out too long.

So, one of the best times to clean electrical appliances such as your Refridgerator is when you are about to do your grocery shopping.

This way, you can alleviate from getting items stored in your refrigerator from spoiling.

When cleaning your Fridge or Freezer make sure to remove all items inside along with food that has a past expired date.

Defrost your Refridgerator or unplugged it before you start to clean the interior areas of the Fridge.

Use a clean unused piece of cloth or sponge to wipe down the interior of your Freezer that has been soaked with disinfectant to move bacteria.

6. Cleaning Window Curtains 

Most of the time curtains and also your window blinds can be overlooked when performing your spring cleaning task.

Sometimes dirty curtains are not seen or noticed until you are up close and personal to finally realize how dusty they are. They are one of the biggest dust-catching items inside your home.

Most curtains can be machine washed and hand washed while others have to dry clean. However, it all depends on the type of curtains you are using. So, remember to check the labeling to see the procedure before washing.

Curtains can also be clean with some vacuums most not all vacuums these days come with a small nozzle and brush built-in which is ideal for curtain cleaning.

Those features on your vacuum can remove a lot of dust from your window curtains and drapes.

Steam cleaning using your vacuum is ideal to clean fabrics such as your drapes thoroughly leaving them clean and nice.

7. Cleaning The Oven

Your oven is where all the magic happens in the kitchen, it is like a goldmine when it comes to cooking and baking food such as cakes and turkey.

However, over a period of time, while you use your oven to bake your favorite cake recipe, the inside is filled with grease and oil stains that are smelly.

So to clean your oven first remove all the interior parts such as the racks and soak them in warm water that has the cleaning solution liquid.

While the racks are being soaked in warm water, you can start cleaning the inside of areas of the Oven.

It is recommended that you follow the manufacturing guidelines when using Owen cleaner substances.

After you are finished cleaning the interior of your oven, wash the racks clean a dry of all chemicals before you start using back the Oven.

8. Mattress Cleaning

Your Mattress provides comfort every night to go to sleep.

However. over a period of time, they can accumulate a lot of dust inside them.

So to clean your Mattress you should remove all the spreading and use a vacuum cleaner to remove unseen dust and dirt both on top and underneath.


A perfect way to properly clean your Mattress is by sprinkling baking soda over the Mattress and leaving I there to marinate for about 2 – 4 hours.

After a couple of hours had passed, use a vacuum to remove the baking soda substance from the Mattress.

By doing this, the baking soda on the Mattress will absorb any moisture found in the Mattress leaving it smelling clean and fresh.

It’s also ideal to flip your Mattress around every 2- 3 months the preserved the lifespan of your mattress.

9. Rug Cleaning

Your rug on the floor traps a lot of dirt, dust, and odor. Animals and dirty shoes oftentimes do a number on your rug a home.

Rugs are also used to beautify your home as well as for comfort. However, most people love just vacuuming their rugs and called it a day.

But there are other ways in which to can clean rugs thoroughly depending on the size and how much space it takes up inside.

So if you have a small rug that can be easily removed, you could hang it on a clothing line outside, then use a sweeping broom to beat out the dust, then wash it as a hose.

This process will help to remove stubborn dirt, dust, and debris embedded in the rug that a vacuum cannot reach easily.

Then, after the rug is dry, take it back inside and give a nice vacuum again to remove any remaining dust particles.

10. Window Cleaning  

On a bright spring sunny day when you are ready to open your windows, you may see a lot of dirt piled up in the corners of the window.

Most peoples say it’s ideal to clean windows on a cloudy day because it prevents your windows from direct sunlight from drying too quickly and leaving streak marks behind.

However, what if you do not have a cloudy day and you want to complete all your spring cleaning on the same day.

What you could do after cleaning and washing your windows is to use a newspaper or hand towels to dry the wet areas on your windows so that streaks of lines are not visible when dry. Yes, it’s a little more work, however, it’s better to wait until a cloudy day.


So, there you have it, these are some of the top ten (10) spring cleaning tips you can adopt and apply at your home.

These are not limited to what’s listed above because there are a lot more items inside your home that need to be cleaned when springtime arrives.

Nonetheless, these cleaning methods are not inclusive to people who only have springtime. They are routines that should be adopted all year round no matter where in the world you live.

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