Banana Plants – What Lot of People Do Not Know About Them

Banana Plants

Here are some facts a lot of people do not know about bananas.

Banana plants are asexual reproduction plants that keep growing pups or suckers and once they start, they are hard to stop.

The Bananas plant can be grown almost everywhere in the world if the climate is warm.

Most people around the world use every part of the banana plant in addition to the fruits.


Green bananas are referred to as trees most of the time. However, they are not trees they are a part of the plants’ family.

But who cares right?

The leaves of each banana plant have many benefits.

They can be used as an organic plate for food, pudding warp, material to patch the roofs, ceremonial lanterns for fires, and even to polish the floor.

The soft white pith at the center of the trunk of the banana plant is often used to feed pigs, ducks, and other animals, while the outer layers can be used to make strings that are very strong.

The large buds of the banana flower are edible along with the peelings as well.

Cooking green banana is almost like cooking shrimp, yam, or any other ground food.

Banana Plants
Banana Plants

How Long Does Green Banana Plant Take to Cook?

Green banana takes approximately 20 minutes to be completely cooked in boiling water. The outer green skin must be peeled off first and place in the water once it starts to boil.

Fried banana green chips are always a crowd favorite and we all know them to refer to them as Banana Chips in the supermarket.

The cost for a whole bunch of green bananas for under 10 dollars. Scientists have discovered that there are more than 1000 different varieties of bananas growing around the world.

Planning Banana
Planning Banana

What They Don’t Tell You About Planning Bananas?

What a lot of people don’t tell you about bananas is that they grow very fast, they reproduce even faster, they start growing underground, they will break through rock-hard concrete, and they are practically impossible to uproot completely if you want to transplant them.

Can a Banana Plant Yield Fruits More Than Once?

Normally, a banana as a whole only yields fruits once in its lifetime. However, formula 10-10-10 banana is an excellent choice of banana that regrows quickly.

After your banana plant is fit for harvest, the formula 10-10-10 banana is cut back to about 30 inches near to the base while the stem dries out for about two weeks before removing the sucker (s).

Banana plants only produce fruit once, so it’s important to cut them down in order for new pups to grow.

Some variations of banana can be grown by seeds like the dwarf types.

However, most Banana reproduces by suckers, once the bunch has been removed, the banana trunk is cut down, the reason being is that plant cannot make another bunch of bananas again.

The Banana suckers/pups that grow beside the main plant will produce the next bunch of bananas.

Nevertheless, by the time that bunch is fit and ready to harvest, the next sucker or pups will have grown bigger and ready to bear its own banana fruit.

Are Banana Trees and Plants?

Banana as a whole no matter the variety is not a tree they are apart of the plant family. They are no different than pineapple plants.  Pineapple plants normally die after their fruit is cut or picked.

Afterward, new side shoots will come up just like the first pineapple side shoots, and bingo, there you have a new banana plant.

How Many Years Does The Banana Plant Produce Fruit?

Banana plants take anywhere from 10 to 15 months to produce fruits from planting until harvest and approximately 80 – 180 days after the fruit shoots out to harvest.

However, this largely dependent on cultivar, growing conditions, and temperature.

Banana plants only produce one single crop, they don’t produce for any years until the suckers/pups grow up.

Bananas reproduce by their suckers, which are small plants that grow at the base of the parent plant.

Nevertheless, when the parent plant is harvested it is now useless it won’t produce more bananas.

After the banana is removed, the plant dies naturally. It takes about one year more or less, depending on variety for a sucker to grow to be a mature plant, with fruit.

Does The Banana Plant die after fruiting?

Each banana plant whether green or ripen banana grows from a pseudostem. This is a bundle of the bases of the leaves of the plant.

However, after the main pseudostem produces a bunch of bananas, you should cut it to the ground because it will never produce fruits again, and even if you leave it in place, it will wider and die on its own.

How Many Times a Year Does a Banana Plant Bear Fruit?

Banana bears just once per year, afterward, the plant dies. In good soil where the banana plants get quite tall, the plant is cut at its lower base. This allows the next sucker to grow up and from the next bunch of bananas.

The general rule by most farmers and gardeners is once the banana fruit is fit and ready to reap, you cut it down because they have other young suckers coming up that will fruit soon.

The bunch of a typical banana consists of 150 to 250 fruits. The fruits vary in size and number depend upon the variety, care, fertility, and soil.

The banana is an annual plant. After crop harvesting, a new banana sucker may be transplanted elsewhere to produce or multiply crops. Last but not least, did you know that the banana is the largest fruit crop cultivating in the World?

If not know you know.

I hope this post has been helpful to anyone who is interested in the Banana plant.

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