2 Alternate Versions Of Fruits Most People Are Unaware Of

Alternate Versions Of Fruits

There are many different alternate versions of fruits around the world that are unknown to most people.

Some of these fruits go back hundreds of years in the past and only grow in a specific area around the world.

Most of these unknown fruits that we are going to look a today are named by the local native people in their language.

This is one of the reasons why most alternate versions of fruits are known to us especially to people in English-speaking countries.

Essentially, most of these fruits today actually look very different hundreds or even thousands of years ago.


Well, This is due to selective breeding. For example, Bananas. Bananas back in the day had a lot of seeds inside the fruit.

Bananas you can get at your local supermarket today, fit perfectly to the grip of its hand. local Bananas today, also have a hard tip on the top that can peel the skin off of the banana.

So, let us get the different types of alternate fruits unknown to most people are the world.

These firsts may somewhat similar-looking to your traditional fruits but taste different.

These 3 alternate fruits are as follow:

Jackfruit and Durian Fruit

Jackfruits and durian fruits are tropical fruits that are unfamiliar to many people in Western English-speaking counties.

However, in most parts of the Caribbean, a lot of o people are aware of Jackfruits but are not familiar with Durian fruits.

Jackfruits are relatives of figs and mulberries, they are also a member of the Morocae family fruit.

Durian fruit is related to the mallows family fruit and is also a family member of Malvacae.

Both the Jackfruit and Durian fruits grow on trees.

Oftentimes, people would get confused with the Durian fruit Jackfruit because they are similar looking.

The only thing that you could differentiate between the two, this that Jackfruits are typically larger in size, and Durian fruits are smaller.

Durian and Jackfruit Native Origins 

Jackfruits are larger in size compared to Durian, in fact, Jackfruits are the largest of the fruit three families found in the world.

Both the Jackfruit and Durian fruit are natives to Asian Countries such as the Philippines, India, Thailand, and Malasia.

Durian trees are much short when compared to Jackfruit trees, although both trees can grow to the same height.

Jackfruits can weigh up to an impressive 120 pounds, while durian fruits top out at 30 pounds.

How The Jackfruit and Durian Fruit  Taste

Jackfruits are sweet and have different mixtures of flavor, however, the easiest way to describe how Jackfruit taste is as a flavor of Banana, Apple, Mango, and Pineapple.

When Jacktruits are ripe, they are sometimes compared to the taste of gummy fruit.

The durian fruit not only tastes sweet but has a savory taste and can be a bit salty.

The taste of durian has been compared to that of sweet cheese, scrambled eggs, with a mixture of caramel, with creamy base flavors.

However, the unripe durian fruit tastes somewhat similar to chicken, making it an excellent recipe choice for vegetarians.

Both the Jackfruit and durian fruit can be eaten raw or with ice cream.

Jackfruit is often eaten raw or cooked as imitation pork or in other vegetarian dishes and while the durian fruit is used in boba tea or Indian curries.

These are also excellent alternate versions of fruits that have the same benefits but come in different sizes and shapes.

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Orange Watermelon and Yellow Waterlemon

The red variety watermelon is usually the type of watermelon most people know and love to eat.

However, did you know that there are Orange and Yellow watermelons?

Yes, there is, continue reading to learn more about these two types of water lemon.

Alternate Versions of Fruits
Alternate Versions of Fruits

Yellow and Orange Watermelon Native Origins

The yellow color watermelon is a natural mutation of the red watermelon we know and love.

Also, the yellow water lemon is said to be a native of China and the Orange color water lemon is originated from Southern Africa.

Orange watermelon species of the Citrullus Lanatus.

The Orange watermelon also has a variety of different names such as Orangeglo, OrangeGlow, Orange Sunshine, Desert King, Honeyheart, and many more.

Both the yellow and Orange watermelon can grow and weigh the same amount as your regular red watermelon.

However, both yellow and orange Waterlemon needs special care and favorable conditions to grow.

These alternate versions of fruits are unknown to most people unless they travel outside the country.

How The Yellow And Orange Watermelon Taste

Yellow watermelons taste much sweeter than their red counterparts.

People that travel around the world, describe the yellow Waterlemon to have a more honey-like flavor with the same nutrition benefits.

The Orange watermelon has a flavor that can vary from mildly sweet to super sweet but it depends upon the variety.

Since there’s no difference between the light and dark green skin color between the red, yellow, and orange watermelon, most people think that whether a watermelon is orange, yellow, or red was up to chance.

However, these types of Waterleomn are not common in the western world.

Nevertheless, these alternate versions of delicious watermelons are some of the best-tasting and watermelons on the market today.

If you place 100 people in a room with the orange and yellow watermelon vs the red watermelon to try.

You will find that out of 100 people’s opinions about the flavor, they would prefer the yellow and orange alternate types.

Some will say the yellow and orange watermelon tastes like cantaloupe, while others would claim flavors of mango, and a combination of pear and papaya.

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